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    Does shielded cable shield need to be earthed?

    Same. I imagine this is pretty robust comms with or without shielded cable.
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    Shorting neutral to earth

    Why not just isolate and prove dead, instead of getting dressed up in rubberwear?
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    16mm Tails feeding next door?

    Poor woman, not much of a life.
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    Using the earth wire in a switch

    What 60204 says is irrelevant in this instance, though.
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    New Lighting Circuit

    Ah, OK. You're doing the new bits and he's joining the new bits into the old bits.
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    New Lighting Circuit

    What's your electrician actually doing if you're doing all the terminating? I thought from your original post you were running in the cables?
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    SWA Drive

    No need to apologise, mine was a light hearted dig :)
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    SWA Drive

    Maybe try reading my post rather than shopping around?
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    SWA Drive

    I read the same, it was a comment regarding what seemed to be a suggestion that 700 euros was expensive.
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    SWA Drive

    700 euros to bury 70m of cable doesn't seem expensive to me TBH.
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    Ammoed Cable & Earthing Nut - Also Earth To Back Box?

    Nope, other than that, looks OK to me. For info, if the box was metal, then it could be an "exposed conductive part", meaning it could become live under fault conditions (a loose live conductor touching the box for example), and would therefore require earthing. As it's not conductive, made of...
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    Ammoed Cable & Earthing Nut - Also Earth To Back Box?

    Apart from looking like a bodge, the earthing arrangements are OK, although the earth should be fully sleeved rather than a bit of tape on half of it.. The box is plastic, no point in earthing it. Also no point in linking the two earth terminals on the faceplate together, theres a galvanised bar...
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    Electric shower not receiving full power

    Are there a number of heater elements switched in for the different power settings? Is one of them knackered, or the controls/thermostat that switch it on knackered? I would imagine the neon indicators are driven from the same power supplying the elements/controls for that heater.
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    earth cables with no sleeving

    Is it a requirement to have IP2X terminals? If it isn't it should be, and certainly is in control panels.
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    earth cables with no sleeving

    It could happen, but the design of the socket makes it very unlikely, all L/N parts are recessed (IP2X??) on the sockets I've fitted
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    earth cables with no sleeving

    May do, but extremely unlikely.
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    NVR Switch - What is this terminal?

    Guards switches are a safety function. Machine compartment door switches can be a safety function. A foot switch can be a safety function. All usually fitted to mitigate specific hazards. An emergency stop is usually a complementary safety function, generally not fitted to meet a specific risk.
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    Electrics to Shed

    Once he or she is back from holiday presumably?
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    Plugging 32mm knock out in CU

    If you google 32mm blanking plug, there are plenty. e.g.