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    Doorstep repainting and concrete cracks

    Novice. I have a 1930 house with a two-tier concrete doorstep. Every time I repaint it with doorstep paint, it’s only a few months before the paint has bubbled up and is peeling away to reveal the layers of old red paint beneath. I’m assuming, but not certain that damp rising through the...
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    Seamless ply joints on wall.

    Will do. Might be a week or two before pics as something else cropped u today to keep me busy but will post pics when done as a reply to this post.
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    Seamless ply joints on wall.

    Thank you both. Sounds like excellent advice. Hadn't even considered that. I'll give it a go tomorrow.
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    Seamless ply joints on wall.

    I am lining a shed ith 9mm wbp plywood and to make a neat finish I would like to make all the joints between the ply sheets invisible or as close to invisible as I can get after painting it. Do I use some kind of flexible filler and then paint? A tape? Should I leave a gap between each ply sheet...
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    Concrete shed base quote

    Can anyone give me a rough idea of what a reasonable £quote would be for building a 20' x 10' concrete shed base please? It's just on a reasonably flat bit of lawn. Thank you
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    insulating a shed. Have I got it right?

    I have read quite a few posts on this topic, but always find it a bit tricky to visualise the advice so I've done a little model. (See Pic) Can anyone please tell me if I've got all the materials in the right order or even if I've got the right materials? I'm completely new to DIY and it could...
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    model of shed insulation