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    Electra AWM 800

    Can any engineers on the forum please help with the above ?
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    help! my light bulb lights up without electricity.

    Put a 220K/0.5w resistor across the lamp wires, maybe at the switch/Rose across the switched wire to the lamp and the neutral.
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    bonding soil pipe

    I agree, as well as supplementary it must also be Main bonded with 10mm2 cable if it is earthed Soil pipe.
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    Extractor hob connection

    ideally, you need a fused Spur next to the cooker hood, either from the Lighting Circuit or off the Ring. If you are not willing to install a spur in an appropriate position, then you will have to extend/install new cable from the hood to the nearest socket outlet, run in small pvc trunking.
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    Extraction nightmare

    You could install a roof vent in the roof tiles and a cieling mounted fan and connect using a 110mm soilpipe&flexible 110mm duct.
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    Gas Cooker Oven not Lighting

    When I turn the oven ON, it does not light even though the pilot is lit. Please help.
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    External Wiring

    If your shed is 25m from the garage, then you could run a 2.5mm 3 core SWA, protected by 20A RCCB in the garage, or 20A CB from the RCd side of the CU in the Garage. This will give you nearly 4500W loading. May be 4000W load on the sockets and 500W Lighting load from a FCU off the main...
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    Hob connection

    You could spur off the ring with 2.5mm cable to a 20 Amp double pole switch and then to a cooker outlet. But if the load is only 2Kw then you could simply put a 13 amp plug at the end of the Hob cable and plug it in to the double socket.
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    Where should the main earth connect to the gas/water pipes

    You need to bond within 600mm from the gas meter, before any branching, on the consumers side and within 600mm of the water mains coming out of the ground, if there is no water meter inside. If a water meter exists then within 600mm of the water meter on the consumers side before any pipe...
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    Cooker switch must be more than 300mm from the edge of the cooker and not more than 2m frm the cooker. 5.2.2 (Page 57) of 'Electrician's Guide to Building Regulations'
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    electric oven problem

    Has the cooker had IR tests done on it? Has the RCD been tested? If the RCd trips when you switch off at the wall switch, or at the CB in the CU, then I think your RCd is faulty.
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    Shed power cable in waste pipe?

    If its protected by an RCd then its perfectly safe to use it in the Shed. There is no particular depth in the regs but that adequote depth to provide protection. If under a concrete path then its well protected from gardening tools. Although not safe from rodents. So when it gives an earth...
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    Socket distance to sink and shaver socket distance to basin

    Yes 300mm from the edge of the drainer I would say 300mm again but can't be sure.
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    fitting cooker point

    For a cooker Load: Cable length = 26m Cable size = 6mm Protection Fuse = 30 A Max cooker Load with diversity = 13.8Kw For a non-cooker Load: Cable length = 26m Cable size = 6mm Protection Fuse = 30A Max Load = 6.9Kw
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    meter in cloak room

    I don't see why not, especially if its going to be boxed in. Not an ideal situation, but the cloakroom is not a special location, with a basin and wc only, so no special location zones to worry about.
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    Greenwood Airvac extractor fan - excessive timer delay?

    Keep the door shut if its got a undercut. Otherwise leve it slightly ajar.
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    Fitting a standard bathroom extractor fan

    Have you checked that the switched wire becomes live, when you switch the light on? You will need a multimeter on the 250V AC Volts or greater range.
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    CAT5E for TV usage

    Tv terestrial signals are sent in a band of 474Mhz - 850Mhz frequencies. Cat5E is only rated for data signals up to 100Mhz. TV aerial input at the TV and the aerial have an impedance of 75 Ohms. Unless the cable connected to the Aerial & Tv has the required 75 Ohms impedance you will...
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    Single oven and separate electric hob.

    If you have a socket on the cooker switch, then plug in the oven in to that socket. Otherwise plug in the oven in to the nearest socket on the kitchen ring. Connect the hob to the cooker outlet on the wall. You are well within the 30A fuse rating.