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    Making lead window trays

    The chap from "just lead" up the road from me in wadebridge was very helpful and I've managed to get two Windows in today. I'd recommend his products which I think you can buy on line.
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    Making lead window trays

    Well I had a go at welding and it was a nightmare, lead melts at so low a temp you end up with holes everywhere. I've decided to buy some half trays from a local chap like doggit suggested. Thanks guys.
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    Am I getting a good deal?

    I'll give you a stab at 2. I had two four meter walls and other smaller bits knocked down and removed for £800 cash plus two eight yard skips filled with rubble @£450 a skip so I would go for £900 bare minimum Re. your porch I built my own at 3x2m and its taken me some weeks and cost me I...
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    Making lead window trays

    Hi guys, My builder and my roofer are arguing about whose job it is to build the lead window trays for my dormer windows. The trays look like a fairly simple structure, can I diy make these or do I need specialised welding equipment? I remember melting lead "back in the day" to make lead...
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    Appropriate window lintel solution?

    It sure if this helps but I just took the front Windows out of my 1960s bungalow and the front course of blocks has no lintel. I mention this because the house has been fine for over fifty years without a front lintel. Maybe the original window company weren't being unreasonable. I suspect angle...
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    Asbestos in Chimney flue

    I had an asbestos flue in an old mobile home in the garden and it was pretty obvious, pre cast cylindrical lengths. Yours looks nothing like it.
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    Moving ceiling over

    What I have always done, rightly or wrongly, is plaster board the new bit then skim the whole lot. You may need to double up on plaster board if it's above a garage or similar where you need the 30 min fire resistance
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    DPM On Hardcore

    Sharp sand
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    How long for mortar to set before adding windows

    Thanks guys, I'm going to follow my spidy sense and put them in on Thursday, 84 hours after block work done. 24 hours later they are solid. I tend to majorly over engineer when it's my own house (ties every course etc).
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    DPC in Single Skin Block Workshop

    If you are building a wooden structure on top why don't you either put damp proof course between wood and block or alternatively add an extra course of blocks with damp proof course to stop moisture rising to your wood?
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    How long for mortar to set before adding windows

    Quick question guys. I'm adding a porch which means my two large front Windows have to be replaced with smaller ones. I've removed the old Windows and built block work in to the new window size. How long before I can drill into the new block work to fix the Windows? (I will be using metal fixing...
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    Does my chimney need rebuilding? (lots of photos)

    Houses near me have simply rendered the chimney but that might not be aesthetically ok for you
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    DIY disasters caused by weather?

    Our roof is coming off in just over a week and I hope to God the weather holds out.
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    Managing your own building work

    It's a self build account that I have. I've been gradually testing their patience with my questions but in the end they have been paid and I have learnt a lot. I've got two good books, one on attic conversion and one one garage conversion and its given me enough understanding to ask pertinent...
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    Managing your own building work

    I'm just in the process of managing an attic conversion and roof rebuild. I've found that the best advice has come from my contact at jewson, the engineer and the guy who drew up the plans. I've read loads of books and I'm piecing it together. The planner has given me all the specifications and...
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    Septic tank lid collapsed

    It's a rectangular one and the surround is still in situ and seems fairly solid. The lid looks to have split down the middle. It's one of those old concrete built one's and now it's drained I can see its a bloody deep hole, about seven feet, doubt I would have climbed out if I'd fallen in all...
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    Septic tank lid collapsed

    Clear flow have been fantastic and come round first thing this morning to empty it. Until I can get a new cover on it will still be a deep hole but not one likely to be drowned in. I've covered it with a packing crate for now. I'll have to make a feature of it to make it safe.
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    Questions about porch

    I am constructing a porch and I know usual practice is to cut a vertical damp proof course inside the new cavity. Does this unnecessarily weaken the existing wall? There are two large windows at the front of the property which will be removed and replaced with smaller windows - so the new walls...
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    Septic tank lid collapsed

    I was strimming in the garden this afternoon and stepped on my septic tank hatch cover (steel) briefly as I moved about. It immediately collapsed and I fell into the first chamber, managing to catch the side and not get a full poo swim. Whilst it was very unpleasant, I am thankful that it was...
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    Problems with builder

    If it involved cutting in dormers that sounds really reckless. Best wishes on getting it completed and signed off