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    Euro cylinder lock sizing

    I agree this looks a very good lock - I have not used this particular one as I tend to use either mulTlock or, my preferred upgrade is a Yale Superior series...
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    Euro cylinder lock sizing

    Is your door wood or uPVC? If uPVC it will either be 60 or 70mm thick plus your backplates. To answer your question, a 37.5/37.5 euro barrel is not available a 40/40 is the closest. If using anti-snap, a small amount protruding is ok as this is part of the sacrificial element of the barrel.
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    Green round window seal

    The green is algae - same as I've got on the glass channels of my 4 year old Fiesta window rubbers. Water will get between the outside gasket and the glass outer face- it's designed to do that - just drains away through the face drains or into the cill. If the window is north facing, the problem...
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    Conservatory roof urgent help, now added

    Had this problem myself with a K2 roof where the frame company didn't supply knock-on. all was well fitting the ring beam to the cill, only when you try to install the gutter at the end of the job it fouls on the cill when 'rolling back' into its back locators. :roll:
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    Maximum width for domestic double glazing

    Not sure on max width - biggest I've done in domestic is 3300mm but that had to be laminated and weighed a ton (not literally).The main problems with large sealed units is the deflection at the centre of the unit which simply means when installing into the glazing rebate, the corners can be...
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    New Double Glazed Bay window 'pings' in the night

    If your window was installed using Baypoles (aluminium tubes clad in uPVC) the fitter will have fixed through the frames using a baypole screw to attach window to pole to window etc. These are usually a self-driller and tie the whole bay together. I'm thinking [i]maybe[i] a screw hasn't caught...
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    finishing underside of upvc interia window sill board

    Cill end caps from roofline products for the end caps and a 28mm Dmould return back to the wall would probably sort it.
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    Advice on removal of front door ?

    I would take the frame hinges off personally, all the adjustment is on the sash and no further adjustment should be needed when you re-hang it. Just treat it as though you are hanging a wooden internal door. The screws, I believe are Phillips 2, which is pretty standard in the door and window...
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    Slightly bowed Sashes

    Can anyone point me in the direction of where to buy an item I have seen loads of times, but don't know its name :oops: Its a pair of interlocking wedge-shaped blocks that are fitted centrally on a side hung pvc sash to pull the centre section in towards the frame. My client has low end windows...
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    Yale 6400

    Yes it is John - the setup is protecting a link detached garage (theres nowt worth nickin' in the house!) so the side and main doors are both on DC's with a PIR protecting a rear annexe, which is out of sight of main room.
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    Yale 6400

    Hi All :D Finally got round to fitting the alarm. Little problem though - forgot to turn on the CU internal battery before wall mounting it. Obviously this needs to be on in case of mains failure, so can I unclip the CU from the mounting plate withoutthe siren going off? (even when alarm is...
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    Multi point locks-- double doors

    Pics please
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    settanta by nova

    Anyone know where I can get window lock, or even a gearbox, for this obsolete system? it's 2 central hooks similar to a door and 2 end shootbolts. The gearbox is got a black plastic cover with 4 screws. Titled as Settanta by Nova. Spoke to Nova in Altrincham who i.d' d it as Settanta+, now...
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    New upvc Door gap

    :roll: :roll: :roll:
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    1 door 2 doorframes??

    As stated, it could be done quite easily but you'd have to use a roller catch instead of a tubular latch as the door closes from both its front and back faces.
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    In a bit of a pickle, UPVC door hinge adjustment

    Use search facility for "heel and toe" You need to do this to put your door back to true
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    Fensa certificate

    The prospective buyer has got a set on him hasn't he .... :lol: why expect you to replace the windows?? just deduct the cost from the sp and let him sort his own out, with his own designs and touches. If insistant, go to your local authority and use a Building Notice - its the same net result...
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    key in the lock on the inside and now cant open from outside

    Turn the key on the inside to a TRUE vertical and insert your spare key in the outside and give it a gentle tap with a small light hammer. The key should come out. Sounds like the barrel will.need replacing though - only a fiver or so. Q
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    Measuring a Sealed Glass Unit

    Top idea with the solvent cleaner Crank - never thought of that one :oops: didnt have enough on the roll to reglaze both doors, supplier shuts 3.00 on Friday (alright for some)Cheers
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    Measuring a Sealed Glass Unit

    Hope its not in with glazing tape :cry: - went to a callout Fri on an 1800 french pair, both sashes dropped (like draggin..)over the threshold, but externally beaded with glazing tape - heel and toe not an option :roll: managed to adjust hinges to minimize drag but nightmare glazing tape...