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    If I recall correctly, the CPC can be smaller than live conductors provided it complies with the adiabatic equation.
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    Outside PiR unit causing other light to flicker

    Could be a bad connection. When does the tube flicker, all the time?, only when the outside light is on etc? Do you have a switch on the outside light? It should have a method of isolation.
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    What Happens Here On P-Day?

    You can buy windows, soil piping and even gas boilers from the Sheds so why do you think they will stop supplying electrics?
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    Noisy, no hot water shower pump

    My money is on a blockage ... but if you keep using it it will be u.s. If its stand alone, turn it off, isolate water, remove tail pipes, trip pump over etc. (Mope up all the water that has just come out :)) Otherwise bearings ... new pump.
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    mechanically protected

    Sorry to be picky but unless you have TT all supp. bonding needs to be 4mm. (Table 10a/b of the osg if memory is right)
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    Cooker Control Unit, etc.

    Yes. Just remeber the permitted route regs.
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    part p

    Strictly to self certify you only need 2381. However you do need to be a full time employee of the firm, have £2M Public liability insurance, warrant, examples of work, test kit and the registration fees. Effectively to make it worth while you'd need to turn pro. Alternatively do the courses...
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    q: impact of NOT connecting earth to Light connection block

    Are you sure a single 2.5mm cable run without mechanical protection is allowed? I thought it needed to be 4mm? I understood there can be reactance problems when you run the earth and phase via separate paths and this is why it’s recommended to run them in close proximity.
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    Stripping Outer & Inner with 25mm Cable

    I use heavy duty wire cuuters but a sharp stanley knife works just as well. Don't try and cut all the way through, a gentle repeated circular score works well. There should be no bare wire outside the terminal.
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    new cooker and hob

    Hi, We answered a similar question today, and a couple yesterday. Do a search and if you are still stuck reply again to this topic. BN
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    Under £150 Circular Saw Recommendations

    Thanks for the info.
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    Thank You so much, DVLA

    Maybe ken has bigger plans? :twisted:
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    To be 13amp or not to be 13amp

    Difference comes from allowing for diversity. 30.5A is the max the hob can draw. However how often do you have all the plates on at once? Therefore the regs suggest allowances (called diversity) that can be applied. For a cooker its 10A + 30% of the remaining load + 5 if you have a socket...
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    cold rads downstairs

    Have you tried balancing the system? Are all the lockshields fully open upstairs?
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    socket off light in loft

    Joy of batteries and RCBO's.
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    Echo delmel. I can recall a couple of similar topics recently. Before you start running sub mains I'd consider if its possible to split into your existing ring main. You can then spur the lights behind a 5A FCU. Keywords Conservatory, RCD, extending ring. If you want more advice...
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    To be 13amp or not to be 13amp

    7kw -- 7000 /230 = 30.5A Allowing for diversity 10 + (30% 20.5) = 16.2A Therefore how they get to 13A is beyond me. 16.2A would require a 20A breaker and atleast 2.5 mm cable. However:- 1) Are you sure about the rating? 2) Did it come with a cable fitted? 3) What model no is...
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    Should I tell this plumber not to bother????

    Glad to hear its fixed. If you still have a copy of his advert why not send it to CORGI and/or your local trading standards. You were smart enough not to fall for his spurs but others more venerable may be less fortunate.
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    NH insulated CU and NH metalclad CU: definitions please?

    Both Wylex ... depends on if you want metal or plastic. Insulated would be needed if you have TT with main RCD in the CU.
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    old style wiring/new light

    Errmm instinct tells me:- no, it’s not going to be simple for you. Firstly there are lots of posts covering similar problems. However here goes instalment 1:- 1) Did you note down where the old cables went in the rose terminals? 2) Do you own a multimeter? 3) Do you have other lights in...