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    Creative ways to minimise combi boiler exhaust

    OP any chance of a pic of what it looks like now ?
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    avanta plus 28c noisy start up/vibration

    did he test it on low & high or just switch it on, it sounds like he hasn't adjusted it properly
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    Pilot light on CH boiler cuts out after seconds

    a packet of choc hobnobs :D
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    Pushfit connecting plastic to copper leak HELP

    Nothing wrong with using that fitting there so don't really know what the pump manu is on about, I hope the guy that fixed it took the insert out first rather than just push the pipe back in ? The pipe doesn't sound like it was pushed into the elbow far enough on the orginal install Elbows...
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    DIY central heating installation?

    It's got to be zoned upstairs & downstairs with seperate room stats anyway to comply with part L of the building regs
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    Bath overflow fitting

    normally you unscrew the bit on the front (the bit with three elongated holes in it, leave the clip in place), this goes on the inside of the bath, push the black rod through the overflow & screw the front bit back on with the rubber on the outside of the bath not the inside
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    fitting-less joints in gas supply

    where did he test the pressure at the boiler ?
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    Getting gas qualified

    here's some, found within 30 sec on goggle
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    wanted a quality shower mixer

    you seen the price of an Excel lately quality & bar shower have you been on the p1ss :D
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    stuck hot tap

    you just need to hold the spout to stop the tap moving & undo the biggest nut where it goes into the body, then follow mads post, you don't need to remove the cross head
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    Leaking combi boiler

    if you have to pay £400 for a new hex, then get it ripped out, isar's are one of the biggests piles of crap ever made, not worth spending anything major on it
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    Illegal boiler installation, legal risks for the landlord?

    report your concerns to gas safe & ask for a free inspection, if you feel that gas work has been done by someone un-registered then i would report them everytime
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    Hot water cylinder not getting to temperature

    if it does then the pipework isn't installed correctly or you have a restriction somewhere
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    Hot water cylinder not getting to temperature

    put the pump on 3 & see if that makes any diff sounds like a lack of circulation to me
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    High CO2 levels

    you know better than this :evil:
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    motorised valve probs??

    the valve would have come with the actuator as you can't buy the valve body on it's own, so why didn't you change the actuator as well ?
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    Please help with boiler/unvented cylinder choice

    i wouldn't go the combi route unless you want to wait at least 25 mins to fill the bath
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    High CO2 levels

    & a new cell :?
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    Megaflo CL210HE

    the rads won't work as good as they did, when the hotwater is being fed by the boiler
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    roll top bath trap

    it's the other way around, you need a deeper seal trap when connecting to a svp