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    Pop up waste

    Have fitted the attached pop up waste. The rod is connected. I can get the waste to seal with the lever. But when I try and drain the water, it does not rise high enough to let the water flow out quickly. It will let the water out at a very slow rate. I can use my fingers to raise the plug but...
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    Leaking nut on radiator

    Hi all Looking for some advice. Took this radiator off for decoration and flushing. Have put it on the nut in the pic leaks slightly can’t seem to get the not to the right level to prevent the leaking . Any advice or should I just loosen and try again. Thanks. Btw it is the nut on the right...
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    Mortice lock problem

    The front door lock is a little temperamental. It locks and unlocks very easily from inside the house. When locking and unlocking from the outside it is much more difficult and feels as if the key might break. See pics. Any advice please. Thanks. Will wd40 help or not. ? Have not tried it...
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    Possible damp!

    Hi here is one pic
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    Possible damp!

    Hello had an amtico floor fitted over a year ago in the hall downstairs. Starting to see these marks on the skirting board. Don’t think it is a radiator leak. Any thoughts. See pic. Thanks
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    Front door lock.

    Moved house. Front door lock picture is attached. It is a little temperamental Have 2 keys sometimes they lock sometimes they don’t. Any advice on freeing the lock for smooth and guaranteed operation Is there something I can squirt in. ??? Thanks. In advance
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    Diamond bidex 500

    Got a diamond Bidex 500 under the cooker heater plinth heater. Does not seem to give any heat out when switched on. Thanks in advance. Btw central heating is working fine.
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    need an extra socket

    Upstairs. House. Wooden floor.
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    need an extra socket

    I have a medium sized bedroom there is only one double socket on a wall in the room. Basically I need another socket on the other side of the room. I would prefer not to have an extension socket with trailing wires or to damage the decoration by installing another socket. Any other options...
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    Heat from 22 mm central hearing pipes

    It is a combi boiler in the garage
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    Heat from 22 mm central hearing pipes

    Thanks so much. Food for thought.
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    Heat from 22 mm central hearing pipes

    hello I have a utility area with 22mm central heating pipes going into the kitchen from the garage ( where the boiler is ). The pipes go from the garage horizontally and above door height through the utility area through another wall into the kitchen. Problem is the utility area is cold ( no...
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    Garage door lock

    I have a cardale garage door see photo Has been fine. I can put the key in. But the lock won’t turn. Please help. Thanks
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    Rehanging a radiator.

    Spare bedroom has been replastered. Plasterer took the brackets off. Pipework is fine. Any advice how I put the brackets on the wall at the correct height to match the pipework with the radiator. Thanks in advance.
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    Light switch replacement

    I need help please. Is this straightforward changing this The old one and the new one are in the pictures. Thanks.
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    Light switch please help. I have a wired switch. I need to replace it. Pics attached. Please advise.

    thanks for your help. Any offers for a similar problem I need help with the connections please. Thanks.
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    Light switch please help. I have a wired switch. I need to replace it. Pics attached. Please advise.

    Yes it is. Thanks. For your help. I agree with your logic. The only bit for me is the new switch has got a top sign. It all seems upside down. !?
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    Light switch please help. I have a wired switch. I need to replace it. Pics attached. Please advise.

    Here are the 2 pictures. Advice please Thanks very much.
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    Sludge large radiator

    Yes it was clear. Will try it. Thanks