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  1. Djdom16

    glowworm ultracom 30cxi leaking ,

    Hi there , When I up the pressure on my glowworm ultracom 30cxi . Water starts leaking out the but when your press up and lock in before your pressuize the boiler . Any common faults ?
  2. Djdom16

    Need help ! Glow worm 2 30cxi .

    Well my controller is mounted in the hall the coldest place in the house , but the room temperature commonly sais 20c . Which makes me think is the thermostat in the kitchen where my boiler is fitted . And I was thinking could I set the thermostat temperature to like 16 - 18 so my radiators are...
  3. Djdom16

    Need help ! Glow worm 2 30cxi .

    Hi there , I have a glow worm boiler with the wireless remote . The problem I’m getting is that when I over ride it , I have to put the temperature to above 20c as it won’t come on under that . And some days when I’ve put the program on it doesn’t come on unless it really is a cold day. I’m...