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    New Bosch

    the small black pipe is used as it is less likely to kink. however you can use any hose you like as long as you make sure it doesn't get kinked
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    Indesit W161 Drain/Spin Problem

    with your dial going around and around you must take note of the start light to see what sequence it is flashing. whatch it for a while and it will have a clear routine which will diagnose the fault that it thinks it has.
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    lec fridge freezer 50/50 - problem - OUTSIDE ???

    before you go to any trouble, although i agree with the other posts, it seems to me that the best way to diagnose your problem would be to stand it in your house for a couple of days to see if it works there. if it does then you know that the advice is correct. if it doesn't well then you'll...
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    Zanussi Brushes Length ?

    when rotating the drum by hand, could you hear a clicking sound from the motor with brushes in it? if so it's likely that the armature on the motor has failed and the motor will need to be replaced. if the motor is o.k. it should run even with as little as 8mm of carbon left. if the ends of the...
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    Electric oven smoking!

    that's what i was saying
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    Bosch washing machine not spinning!

    have you tried it with a different load? most modern machines wil refuse to spin if it thinks that the load will be un-balanced. usually bath mats or heavy towels or a dog blanket etc.
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    help washing stuck in machine

    it's probably pushing against the glass and causing the lock to be not quite latched properly. drain off any water by gravity through the drain hose and then give the front panel a thump near the lock and it may just open. had this with a recent hoover machine two weeks ago.
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    Hotpoint drum filling up with clean water

    if it is back filling then it would normally smell. it sounds more like one of your fill valves has a slight leak. either replace both of them or turn of supply to either overnght and use elimination to work out which one is faulty. they're only a couple of quid each.
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    Whirlpool awm321 overflow

    if you cant unblock it in situ then try this. to remove the front panel 1. open the door and remover the wire clamp around outer edge of door seal. 2. undo two screws which hold door lock 3. peel off outer edge of door seal 4.remove kick plate at floor level. 5. undo three 7mm screws at...
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    Hoover new wave 1300

    o.k. then don't lay it down. but your pump is stil underneath so you'll have to get at it somehow
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    Whirlpool AWM 6100/s stops mid cycle

    if it stopped full of water then the noise you heard may have been your pump on it's last legs. reset the cycle and select drain only and see what happens. if it drains o.k. then it may not be the pump, and fido will probably be right.
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    Creda Simplicity T622CW tumble dryer belt tensioner pulley

    hi fido. do you still buy from washvacs? i've found them to be terrible since the change over. buying most stuff from masterpart and electrue now.
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    Bosch SRS4012GB - no water

    i'm sorry but i don't recognise the model number. can you tell me roughly how old it is. it sounds like a metering tank to sump blockage but the remedy is different if it's + 7yrs to if it's 2 to 3 years.
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    Zanussi growling!

    my integrated zanussi jet system 1200 makes a horrendous growling noise during the wash. i know what it is and i can't be bothered to fix it. (you know what they say about a mechanic having the worst maintained car). in my case it's the washer. the noise i've got is the jet system circulation...
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    Zanussi Dishwasher

    you'll have to post the model no or better still the prod number. it may be a couple of days before i reply
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    Electric oven smoking!

    it was the electric thing that i meant. perhaps you should just turn it on with window etc open and let it burn off.keep an eye on it of course. sometimes if it's a split grill and you've only ben using half of it, the other half gets splashed. this then burns off when you eventually turn it on.
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    whirlpool adg/954/2

    if you disturbed the main module which i'm sure you ill have moved. please check that all connections to the board are in place and secure. also make sure that the heater connection was not dislodged when removing the motor. finally i'd expect your machine to display a fault code. this is...
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    Whirlpool built in dishwasher

    bearing in mind that all a dishwasher does is spray hot water, i think it's fair to say that the detergent is taking off the designs. to give it it's best chance do as tired guy says. get a good quality detergent with separate rise aid and you must make sure the salt it set at correct level.
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    Electric oven smoking!

    sounds like it just needs a good clean.
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    Hotpoint Fan Oven Nouvelle 6103 Fan stopped

    usually an obviousle seperate plate will alow you access from the front. if not the remove the oven and get to the fan from there. note that the fan blade nut turns clockwise to unscrew. the fan itself should be mounted with three screws. trade price o a fan is approx £12 +vat so retail should...