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  1. stardanny

    Cooker glass top replacement

    Electric hob.
  2. stardanny

    Cooker glass top replacement

    I have successfully replaced it. Surprise it was easy to do, remove the front control panel, just enough to access the screws for the top, unscrew four screws, lift the top slightly to disconnect the loom multiplugs and remove it. The elements is secured on the hob by retaining brackets, undo...
  3. stardanny

    Cooker glass top replacement

    How easy is to replace glass top job in a free standing cooker? My friend has broken her cooker glass top and apparently ordered a new one and ask me if I could replace it. I'm not sure what model it is yet.
  4. stardanny

    Ecotec 832 slow to heat up

    Good evening. I had a new system fitted a while ago, Vaillant Ecotec 832 combi, hot water is fantastic, plenty of hot water for shower. The heating seem slow at start, burner mode at low level for a while before going up to normal level at 70c. The rad icon is flashing. Is this normal? I have a...
  5. stardanny

    Tangential fan querie

    Good evening. My Dad’s large drink cooler fan has stopped working, the fridge unit is ok, just the tangential fan motor burnt out. I have the new one but the motor is on the other side of fan, the seller say it is an universal fit, unclip the motor, clip it back on other side but would that...
  6. stardanny

    Bosch multi tool cable problem

    Many thanks that is really helpful and brilliant. Fixed and now working
  7. stardanny

    Bosch multi tool cable problem

    Good evening. I have a Bosch GOP 250 CE and I’ve noticed that the flex around the ball grommet is breaking up making the tool incorrectly working. I’ve disconnected and removed the flex, cut back and need to reconnect it but there is no label on the terminals to say which is live and neutral...
  8. stardanny

    28mm compression on imperial pipe?

    You may have a problem unscrew old stopcock, I would repair stopcock if it only the packing gland need repacking. I would leave old stopcock and stick another stopcock above Dan
  9. stardanny

    Plumber struggling with vr66 install vaillant

    Ditch the VR66 and use normal Honeywell junction box, easy to wire Daniel.
  10. stardanny

    Socket RCD

    Cheers all :-) Daniel.
  11. stardanny

    Socket RCD

    Cheers, Ive moved the 16a MCB to RCD side, and the neutral to RCD neutral bar, tight all connections, made sure all existing connections are tight, apart the main one which obliviously is live. I also moved the cover for the gap where the MCB used to be. Earth is sleeved and correctly connected...
  12. stardanny

    Socket RCD

    How would I need to test it? I've moved to MCB over to RCD as luckily I have a spare live tag. I also moved the neutral to RCD side neutral bar. I've tested it with a plug in tester and shown correct polarity. The new cable is only 2 metres to new socket with MF joint between existing cable...
  13. stardanny

    Socket RCD

    Good afternoon. I have install a double socket in my cupboard for my chargers and other use such as lawnmower and outdoor use. As I have a combi powered by a ring main, immersion heater cable is disused but still connected to consumer unit. I've reused this cable and extend to new socket. All...
  14. stardanny

    False ceiling advice

    No idea, what I've been told it to stop condensation occur in the void, by a carpenter, I'm jus there to help out.
  15. stardanny

    False ceiling advice

    Good morning. We need to install false ceilings in a 2 beds flat ground floor with concrete ceiling and above that is first floor flat. We are fitting wooden frame onto batten fitted to wall. The question is, do we fit xtratherm sheet 25mm thick onto concrete ceiling or get plasterboard with...
  16. stardanny

    Gloss or satinwood?

    Hi. I'm a plumber so not really in decorate. What the difference between gloss and satinwood? I've finished painting the walls and ceiling in my hall stair and landing and about to paint undercoat to wood work, wonder if I can paint satinwood as I don't want gloss to go yellow. Can anyone...
  17. stardanny

    Favourite Christmas Present You Had When Young

    My mum and dad got me a meccano no 4 for my birthday in the 80', and been collecting add on sets, now I have a number 10 meccano set worth 5G Daniel.
  18. stardanny

    What does the DIYnot community think of DiySOS and it's cast?

    I like Debbie, she is so sexy! Daniel.
  19. stardanny

    Unvented/pressurised cylinder

    300 litres is fine, don't forget your children will grow to teenage age and they will want to have a shower twice a day. Daniel
  20. stardanny

    Who the hell...

    Can't see the problem, may look unsightly but it is serving a purpose, e.g, have a carp. Daniel.