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  1. kingandy2nd

    Shifting a pallet of tiles from A to B...

    I’ve used Palletways before. Not terribly expensive- they have their own pallet trolley
  2. kingandy2nd

    Wondering why today’s storm is nameless

    Many insurance policies will state that winds must be x mph (usually 50-60mph) before you can claim for storm damage (lost roof tiles, etc). Not heard of any that specifically required storms to be named but there's always new policies/products on the market...
  3. kingandy2nd

    Wondering why today’s storm is nameless

    Is this still Kathleen seems a while ago that one? That’s my point, if this is not Kathleen, it’s causing more damage than other named storms.
  4. kingandy2nd

    Wondering why today’s storm is nameless

    Seem the criteria for naming storms comes from the impact they can cause. Today’s storm has been pretty bad (at least here in liverpool), and seems combined with high tides has caused flooding around the country…but yet the storm remains nameless. BTW I think the idea of naming storms is...
  5. kingandy2nd

    Banned from posting in some threads. What is the reason or explanation for this?

    Is it correct that you’re new brand to the forum? If you don’t like the way the forum is moderated, or the opinions of other longstanding members, there’s a simple solution. Just quit the forum. Find somewhere else that you like better. Don’t return.
  6. kingandy2nd

    Slow going - my double storey extension build

    Wow, been a while since I last updated the thread. That’s because the house was largely finished so we’ve been living in it. My project over the autumn and winter has been to replace the decking at the rear of the house and to build a fancy pergola with a louvred roof for an ‘outdoor’ room...
  7. kingandy2nd

    The 'Your Projects' seems to have turned into a Q&A forum.

    Agreed. I guess mostly it’s new users (which are good for the forum) not realising that their daily diy task that they need help with isn’t a project in this context. Mods used to move the topic to the right place, but seem to have given up now...
  8. kingandy2nd

    What have you bought today?

    I bought a Timmy Mallet painting. (One painted by him, rather than a painting of him :) )
  9. kingandy2nd

    What have you been doing today?

    Although it doesn’t really matter what the stats are. The fact that mottie’s done it is the main thing (y) Next time you need to do the walk marginally quicker that last time, and keep improving the pace to the point you’re out of breath :)
  10. kingandy2nd

    What have you been doing today?

    To be fair it takes me nearly an hour to run 6 miles (10km) so it is one hell of a walking pace. This was my last run at the weekend, which was slowed by having to run up valleys and along a pebble beach.
  11. kingandy2nd


    @Mottie I know you and Mrs Mottie are good cooks, but I would recommend trying Gusto or Hello Fresh for a few weeks to see how you get on. I use hello fresh when I needed to lose weight. Not only can you pick the lighter meals (calorie-wise) if you want, but the key thing was the portion...
  12. kingandy2nd


    Not sure if you’re still visiting conny, but sending you my best wishes if you are.
  13. kingandy2nd

    Drilling into VERY HARD concrete

    Dewalt extreme drill bits are my preferred drill bits. Can we see the top of your drill to see what settings you’ve got it on please? I lent my mate my cordless drill and new drill bits so he could hang a hanging basket - got a call saying how ****e my drill was and the he couldn’t make a hole...
  14. kingandy2nd

    Drilling into VERY HARD concrete

    6mm diameter hole 30 mm deep? You sure your hammer action is working? Is it a new masonry drill bit?? Post a picture of your drill and drill bit. Sds?!? Come on guys. Even a ryobi cordless drill should manage that…
  15. kingandy2nd

    Fixing plasterboard to steel beam?

    Drill bits are really hard work, need to go slow and use cutting compound. Honestly, just get the screw and an impact driver…no pilot hole needed.
  16. kingandy2nd

    Fixing plasterboard to steel beam?

    To be fair, I used those screws (with the star heads not the nuts) and my impact driver - went into my UB no bother without pre-drilling.
  17. kingandy2nd

    What have you been doing today?

    Nothing for you to be sorry about Conny. As you say, hope you can make the most of your time and I sincerely hope their prognosis is wrong. Wishing you all the very best.
  18. kingandy2nd

    Anyone Ever Met Someone From A Forum?

    Actually I've met a few folks from Pistonheads forums at Trackdays too. If any DIYnot'ers visit Liverpool, I'll quite happily buy you a coffee.
  19. kingandy2nd

    Anyone Ever Met Someone From A Forum?

    I'm on a fish forum for my marine fish tank. Regularly meet folks to buy/sell/swap fish/coral/equipment. All nice folks.
  20. kingandy2nd

    BBC logic

    Insurers must guarantee their repairs and use new OEM parts, hence the needed for approved repairers where cost of repairs are higher than a repairer that isn’t bound by those requirements. A car kept off the street, or in a garage, will have less chance of damage or theft…so would be lower risk.