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    (Criminal suggestion removed)
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    Vaillant ecotec 438 short cycling

    This might not be relevant to your problem but I have just solved a similar sounding issue on a 428 ecotec plus. The dreaded S.53 appearing all the time and the bolier struggling to heat a 18 radiator system. I had to de-rate the boiIer to 20kW to get anything from it. I had the system power...
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    garage roof replacement

    Hi. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure on what I should be paying to replace this 3.2m x 6.5m felt roof? The three quotes I received are all within pennies of each other which makes me think that two of the quotes have just sub contracted it to the local specialist who provided the third...
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    Coving - hopefully this is the right forum!

    Any reason why you can't screw the b*stard to the wall and be done with it? That's how I put a section of this up and took advice form cornice specialists. fill the holes later. ceiling 006 by berettaboy, on Flickr'][/URL]
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    How to fill these holes

    Thanks for your suggestions. 'Breaking up' the large plain sides of the light well is something I am considering. Most of the others that I have seen have 'frames' or similar decoration. To do that properly the holes will need filled, the light well faces lined with paper and then decoration...
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    How to fill these holes

    guys, I have removed a false glass ceiling in my hallway. The previous occupant had cut through the lath and plaster to allow cleaning of the glass from above. How do I go about making this good? 006 by berettaboy, on Flickr'][/URL] Thanks
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    Another Plant Identification Please.

    You'll have to decide if you like them pretty soon. If you let them set seed they'll be all over your garden in no time
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    Buy yourself some fenn traps (mark 6). Put them on a box tunnel with restricted access so as not to trap the local moggies. Bait with raw potato or as suggested chocolate. Fenn traps won't kill mice but are good fir ratty. I don't use poison as its unselective and the corpses reek to high heaven...
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    Roof lantern / Cupola

    hello, I am looking for some advice. I am looking to replace the rather decrepit 120 year old Cupola that sits on top of my house. It's single glazed and has trickle ventilation. The amount of heat lost through this means that that sometime in the 1950's someone as installed a nasty internal...
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    plant ID

    can anyone help me identify the plant below? it's about 5' high, pretty architectural and growing in a lane behind some houses. Just coming into flower now. my first thoughts are some type of peony? TIA
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    Laying patio

    I can't see what benefit the membrane is giving you. Normally I have whacked the MOT straight onto already compacted soil.
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    Dip in ground

    That's how I did mine. No real skill involved. You won't get it perfect but it will be better. I used s straight edge to estimate how much I had to lift it by.
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    Qualcast Cylinder Mower not cutting properly

    A couple of things to check. I assume that the height adjuster is on one side only? if not make sure that they are the same height (just pointing out the obvious). look at the bottom blade. how is it held in? does it look level to the bottom of the mower? are the rollers moving up and down...
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    Qualcast Cylinder Mower not cutting properly

    Then chuck out the Hayter and get a Ransomes cylinder. :whistle:
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    Chainsaw Training?

    used one for years... never had a problem seriously... most dangerous tool I have ever used. had a few close shaves. not for the faint hearted or confident amateurs
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    Down draught on Chimney

    I'd try a 'H cowl' before reverting to something that expensive.
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    Repairing Bay Window Masonry Surrounds

    Of course you took the advice that we gave you months ago here? // :roll:
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    Vaillantt Eco Tech Plus Boiler inAnti Cycling Mode!

    sludged up system. common problem