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    Seized stop cock under sink

    ......Or freeze the pipe. And i wouldn't change existing stopcock, i would just cut a new one in above it if you have room....or unscrew the shaft of existing one and replace with a new one. Not to freeze you will need static water and a good freezing kit!
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    Main Combi 30 HE Leaking pump

    247429 is what you need. They usually only leak tho if the system is dirty.......if so get it cleaned.
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    Powermax 155x heater leaking water

    The boiler is unrepairable......end of. The 'tank' was never available as a spare as the 'tank' is the boiler! The seal you refer to is a combustion seal not a water seal. Finally, as has been said this is not a boiler to mess with. Just replace won't regret it.
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    Potterton combi boiler does not light!

    Almost certainly a simple fix but as agile has said it's gas related. Call an rgi in.
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    baxi combi instant 105e luke warm DHW prob please help

    If all heat lights are lit on dhw and you still get little hot water then your plate h/x is scaled/blocked or your diverter valve has gone. I bet the later as it doesn't kettle when all lights are lit
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    Baxi duo tec 40

    No the gauge reads pressure not water volume. So '0' means no pressure not system empty. These units are sensitive to pressure and do drop out earlier on the gauge than some boilers so to get to zero must mean a leak. And a pretty quick one too
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    Problem with Baxi solo 24

    Yes! Might be electrodes/door seals or pcb or something else depending on what 'lockout' code it is but heateam carry em all on the van......and the repair is guaranteed
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    e133 fault baxi combi duo tec 28 hea boiler wont light

    E133 without frozen condense pipe indicates a gas related will not be the fan. The solution is almost certainly simple and the part/s won't be expensive but unfortunately involves gas related work. Get someone in who knows what they are doing! or get a fixed price repair off...
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    Potterton Performa 24

    Incorrect. If rads are coming on with hot water demand the diverter needs replacing......not the pressure differential diaphram
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    Soot troden into carpet

    Leak detection fluid........always worked for me
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    Baxi Solo 18HE keeps locking out.

    good thanks mate. how goes things?
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    Baxi Solo 18HE keeps locking out.

    The spark earths before passing through the ignition electrode and jumping across to the earthed electrode......hence multiple ignition attempts and some times explosive ignition due to gas build up. Replace em or better yet change the door which include the new style electrodes designed to...
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    Baxi Solo 18HE keeps locking out.

    The 'thump' is due to multiple ignition attempts therefore not likely to be overheat lock out but ignition lock out.......electrodes/lead!
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    whistling baxi combi instant 105he

    Joe = muppet. Fan... :roll:
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    Baxi Solo 18HE keeps locking out.

    Electrodes/leads Notify the rgi and get him to replace them at the service
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    Baxi 100 HE with intermittent ignition lockout

    You shouldn't be removing the combustion cover. Almost certainly a job for an rgi i'm afraid. We can't give out diy gas advice on the site. Call someone recomended or get a fixed price repair from baxi
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    baxi 105 flame failure light keeps coming on-HELP PLEASE

    nope but it does make you an ilegal gas worker :P
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    Baxi Combi 105e correct operation query (CH)

    Because it has reach guess is as baxmax has said, blocked filter, pump gone or bad sludge.......or all 3! Maybe other things but if you start on those 3 i doubt you will be far off
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    potterton combi 80 help please (fan)

    To be honest to have spent 230 quid already with a fan and fitting to come it isn't worth it in my opinion...... New cheap but ok boiler say a main would set you back 600 quid plus fitting approx (not counting sundries and flush etc etc)
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    Gas pipe not big enough

    If you have a gas ticket then register for the CC and you can ask your questions there.......although as has already been said i am suprised you need this sort of advice.......if you already have a ticket that is