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  1. HootingOwl

    Timing Belt - 2016 on 2.0 Dispatch/Expert

    Almost. That is the 1.6 version which is the DV6. I have a DW10 2.0. Frustrating. Thanks for posting though
  2. HootingOwl

    Timing Belt - 2016 on 2.0 Dispatch/Expert

    Hello - I need to replace the timing belt on a 2.0 Peugeot Expert 2017 coming up to 60k miles. I have done belts before but not on this series of engine - my question is regarding the timing of the crankshaft and what tools I need to buy. Crank timing seems to be set by a strategically-shaped...
  3. HootingOwl

    Is my plumber having a laugh?

    It's a previous generation Ideal boiler that is reaching the end of its useful service life. How much are you willing to spend on it to get it repaired and how many more years do you want to get out of the appliance? Repaired one of these a few months back with the same symptoms - I did all...
  4. HootingOwl

    Miele G1022 - how do you access test mode?

    Hello - Can someone help me sort out an issue with my Miele G1022 Dishwasher please? When a programme is started, it takes in a bit of water and then stops after about two seconds. The drain/fill light flashes and more water is then taken in. Water is entering the machine. I am suspecting a...
  5. HootingOwl

    Ideal Mini HE C28

    Why have you paid 500 quid to not have your boiler fixed? No fix, no fee is how most competent independents operate. Wild and speculative parts swapping at your expense are the hallmarks of someone who doesn't have a clue. Find a local independent engineer who has recommendations from...
  6. HootingOwl

    Running new water main into house above ground

    Yes. Use an Insuduct Groundbreaker.
  7. HootingOwl

    Ideal Boiler Prob

    Look on fleabay for another Isar that is in working order. They do exist. Then get a 'mate down the pub' to fit it for you - because you really can't trust those tradespeople, can you? Imagine that...trying to find specific seals and gaskets in order to save a boiler, when they could have...
  8. HootingOwl

    Acrylic bath recommendations wanted

    Avoid the internet based companies as some of their stuff, especially brassware, is truly awful. And their baths are the stuff of nightmares - warpage, poor finish etc. A decent bath is going to be 350 minimum. Carron baths are reliable and their carronite reinforced baths are good. You...
  9. HootingOwl

    Halstead Hero 50 - PCB Replacement query

    No it won't. Never replace a boiler in the belief that you are going to be saving vast amounts of money on your gas bill. It just isn't true unless the rest of your heating system has been designed to work with the lower flow and return temperatures that are required to exploit the potential...
  10. HootingOwl

    Ideal Icos Boiler

    Why are you asking us if your mate is on the tools? Don't you trust him/her? Icos isn't great but it could be worse.
  11. HootingOwl

    Miele G4100 dishwasher....flashing red intake lamp

    Machine fills in stops and starts with the red fill/drain lamp flashing. Fills for a few seconds and stops, then restarts. I think it is trying to perform a regen on the water softener. The cabinet fills to the correct level eventually and the pump is able to empty the water quite quickly...
  12. HootingOwl

    Why do i have hot water.

    It's an electric shower......try the bath taps. Can you measure the temperature of the hot water on the taps? Same as shower or different?
  13. HootingOwl

    Which boiler is best?

    Remember that the vaillant is really a glow worm - and is also sold as a heatline in a different guise. Vaillant aftersales is contemptuous and they don't deserve anyone's custom these days. The digital display means nothing. If you want the best aftersales, then fit a Worcester (I dislike...
  14. HootingOwl

    Mega flo again.

    What is the pressure out of the hot taps like? I would be looking at debris in the inlet filters as previously mentioned.
  15. HootingOwl

    Boiler elan 2 problem

    Ahhhh I remember fitting my first Elan2 in 1988 Your problem is likely to be in the central heating controls. Check the wiring and check that the mid position valve is free to move.
  16. HootingOwl

    Blocked drain(s)

    I had the considerable pleasure of unblocking the drains at my house, this weekend. You need to locate the next inspection chamber that is downstream from the one that is full of sewage. If this one is clear, then you know the obstruction lies between the two. Keep going until you find a...
  17. HootingOwl

    Continuity bonding gas meter removal nvq level 3 question

    It does matter on the assessment and danfre is right. In the real world, it makes no difference.
  18. HootingOwl

    ASKO WM200 drain pump replacement

    Update: It became obvious that I needed to keep the same pump housing with the four connections. I took the pump motor off the back of the housing and found that it was made by Plason - a mainstream manufacturer. I took the motor off the new pump assembly and it fitted perfectly into the...
  19. HootingOwl

    New boiler

    Assuming it is a typo and OP means 30kw Out of those boilers mentioned, I would go Worcester because parts are easier to get and aftersales is good. If you want a worcester, get the 29kw CDi Classic - not the new model compact series. CDi classic is proven and a known quantity.
  20. HootingOwl

    ASKO WM200 drain pump replacement

    Hello - ASKO 20005 WM200 front loading washer circa 1996. Drain pump doesn't always kick in, resulting in F3. Original part no longer available. Have been sent a pattern replacement but the pump housing only has an inlet and an outlet port - the pump on the machine has an extra two ports on...