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    Kitchen Ext in Epsom - Architect&Builder to recommend?

    be aware of some one who can start straight away ask to see previous work and references . do not part with money up front agree a stage payment plan any company worth its salt should have the finances to start the project then draw down stages. avoid mobile phone only contacts. make sure you...
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    MDF door to boiler cupboard - vent needed?

    look in manufactures instructions for boiler to see if compartmental ventilation is required. usually with condensing boilers its no, but please check to be sure.
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    glass prices

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    Venting Fire Doors

    the boiler manufactures instructions will tell you if any compartmental ventilation is required. if its a combi its very doubtful any way, if its an open flued appliance then its a different ball game and sujest you seek the help of an RGI>
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    Fitting upvc window & door in shed frame - What size gap

    normally 5 mm each side is what you would expect but it it goes into a timber frame then you will be ok, the 5mm is for expansion of the frame
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    Chaffoteaux Britony combi - won't light

    if the first solenoid sticks then it will never light the carp that transco add is a contributing factor. cleaned the g valve several times and all was well. these are also pigs for the small bore pipes in the rear blocking up solid. in reality a total bag of shiite.
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    Glazing rules

    But the risk is that areas outside the impact zone (critical location are not at as much risk of breakage as the areas at risk i have been involved in glazing for over 20 years and never known a top light to cause injury. correct me if I am wrong.
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    Chaffoteaux Britony combi - won't light

    This is the boiler with the three solinoids on the gas valve clue to not lighting is there. but as said by agile only limited advise given here get on cc and ill tell you exactley what I think it is had this numorous times on this boiler.
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    Repair Kitchen Window Sil (Pics)

    close the cavity then dot and dab a plaster board on the bottom ready for re tiling.
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    Which sealant do you recommend?

    most sealents are ok if they are neutral cure and not assotoxic cure. low mod neutral cure is the choice as the assertones do not cause it to delaminate from the pvcu frame.
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    Glazing rules

    click on image for clarity. this should clarify the situation. the red area is critical location and needs to be glazed to bs6206
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    upvc porch frame supporting roof?

    It would be a good idea as the bay post point load is only on the cill , where a bay jack takes the load through to the brick work beneath the cill, it would also be advisable to ask what loads the posts have been tested to, to ensure they are adequate to carry the load through to the base
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    Door wedge thingies!

    we call them IDIOT blocks if a door is fitted and packed correctly they are not needed . they are sash lifting blocks but are usually profile related you can get some that screw on and will fit a variety of profiles.
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    silcone techniques

    to get the edge finish they will tape the frame at the required distance seal and remove tape leaving an edge finish on frame.
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    Determining UPVC door panel size

    Hold a straight edge on the inside on the sash and measure back to the panel do the same on the out side then measure the total thickness of the sash deduct first two measurements from total thickness and this will give you your panel size..
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