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  1. twgas

    potterton profile 30e burner issue

    Does the pilot stay on all the time?
  2. twgas

    Boiler responds to demand for hot water but not to demand for heating

    "No demand" means there is not a call for heat, which is sent to the boiler from the 3 port valve. What makes you think the 3 port is ok? (What make is it?)
  3. twgas

    Boiler responds to demand for hot water but not to demand for heating

    What system controls do you have, as in 1 three port or 2 two port valves? Unlikely to be the boiler if hot water is OK.
  4. twgas

    Radiators not working together

    Best advice is to bring the overhall forward, no point spending time and effort for a few weeks - spring is nearly here
  5. twgas

    18 month Plumbing nightmare still unresolved

    I've been retired for a couple of years now but if memory serves....there is a bleed point inside the boiler and i think the union elbow connectors at the bottom of the boiler are prone to blocking with magnetite
  6. twgas

    Cold/slow-heating radiator

    Plastic pipe?
  7. twgas

    Hive Help!

    You might find it easier to take all the wiring from the wiring centre/junction box if you have one, or boiler if you dont
  8. twgas

    Hive Help!

    You dont have a live and neutral. What you have is power in and power out. Your hive receiver needs to replace the ch time controller, in which you will have a live and neutral and the supply to the room stat
  9. twgas

    Ventilation of old E Type Boiler Query

    Gotta luv the 'is it a room or compartment ' argument
  10. twgas

    Radiator's wont turn off - Danfoss TP5000si Room Thermostat

    What about the rads, do they all stay hot? Are both the pipes, to left of the valves, hot or just one or even neither?
  11. twgas

    Radiator's wont turn off - Danfoss TP5000si Room Thermostat

    I would suggest one of the valves is stuck open. If it was just the microswitch staying on the rads wouldn't be hot as the valves would be shut, preventing unwanted circulation. Do you have another room stat and are all the rads staying on?
  12. twgas

    IDEAL LOGIC 15. Won't call for heat. Leakage problems..Any ideas?

    You said....."Cleaned the sump thingy out and checked soakaway. All seemed fine. Now dripping starts and I release the water from the 21.5 mm outlet and leave the other open.." Does the boiler work for a while after you do this, although I dont know what you mean by 'leave the other open' if so...
  13. twgas

    The page cannot be displayed

    Sorry I didnt get back, not been well, she took it to a friend of a friend, all sorted thanx. I dont know what was done with it!
  14. twgas

    The page cannot be displayed

    Im getting this whenever I try accessing any website. It only happens on my daughters laptop which uses XP. Anyone got any ideas, I've looked at other threads concerning this problem but they've not been any help. All suggestions gratefully received.
  15. twgas

    Boiler overheat thermostat keeps tripping

    Why were te zone valves replaced? Coupled with the fact you've had them done, can't bleed rads and overflow issues I'd bet you've got a fair amount of sludge and blocked/restricted pipework. Try running a magnet round the pipes at the point where the cold feed and open vent join the system.
  16. twgas

    Prima F40, Alpha 2, Boiler Overheat (Intermittent Fault)

    Sounds, to me, your cold feed/open vent connections are at best restricted or even wrongly configured. Reasoning for this is the noise and continual need for bleeding. Run a magnet around the pipes in the airing cupboard, if it sticks you've got magnetite.
  17. twgas

    Wireless Thermostat Receiver Problem

    I doubt its a problem with the boiler as HW is ok. Do you havethe means to carry out electrical testing? You say you swapped the sevo units, do you means the actuators, from one valve to the other? Or the motors within the valves? Or the wiring to the valves at the wiring centre/junction box...
  18. twgas

    combi boiler hot water pressure

    Have you, or anybody, checked the 'pressure' AND flow rate or do they just look less than the other taps?
  19. twgas

    Boiler flow and return temperature differential

    To be honest i dont recall a veissmann being done but glowworms have been successfully cleaned, they were always done if a powerflush was done as it is almost certainly gonna have dirt in the h/ex if thre's enough in the system to need a flush. I've known profiles and suprimas to have been done...
  20. twgas

    Boiler flow and return temperature differential

    Sonic cleaning a giononni type heat exchanger is not a problem, we had 2 large machines on my old patch. I too would be checking the rubber hoses for blockages.