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    Pocket hole jig

    It makes sense, I haven't consider this scenario. But I am a DIYer and most of the furniture I am planning to make would be built-in, so no taking apart or moving around. Still enthusiastic about using a pocket hole jig :) Thank you JobAndKnock (and the others) for the useful information. Might...
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    Pocket hole jig

    I thought one of the pros of pocket holes is that you can take the furniture apart if needed.
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    Pocket hole jig

    Great, I am about to do similar cabinets, that's why I am going to buy a jig.
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    Pocket hole jig

    I don't know why but found the same information on other web sites. Several people mentioned that their cordless drills were not up to the challenge, they had to have more goes with the cordless than with the corded drill.
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    Pocket hole jig

    Thank you JobAndKnock!
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    Pocket hole jig

    Hi, I am looking for a decent pocket hole jig, which would be used a lot. The shortlist so far is Trend UJK Kreg...
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    Burg Wachter Locate Multifunctional Detector PS7300

    Hi all, Has anybody used the above detector? I can't find any customer reviews. Thank you in advance
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    applying oil on Ikea kitchen trolley worktop

    Hi, I bought an Ikea kitchen trolley with solid oak worktop and painted legs. The instructions say that the worktop has been treated with oil once in the factory. After mounting, I am supposed to apply several more coats of oil - every second day during the first week and every third day for...
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    1st time DIYERS - doing a whole bathroom?

    We have done a bathroom ourselves, except the wiring for a fan, a shaver socket, and mirror lights. New floor (the old boards and some joists were rotten), new pipes, tiles floor to ceiling, the floor is tiled as well, new door, built-in vanity unit and concealed cistern (bought from Wicks but...
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    Painting door frames

    Use a small brush, like the stuff they sell in art shops.
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    shall I put these radiators back?

    Hi folks, We started refurbishing the house and took the radiators off so that the walls could be plastered and painted. Unfortunately we had to move to my MIL house due to her illness and couldn't go on with the project. The radiators have been off the walls for about an year. Is it...
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    Bicarbonate of soda help

    I bought one about an year ago for £60 from my vet (it was chipper than from the sureflap web site) + £10 for adapter + £80 for a new double glazed unit with a hole for the cat flap. But after all the problems with other cats coming in the house, spraying, and fighting with our cat, I think it's...
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    Attaching handles to drawers from reverse side of drawer You don't have a template, so use masking tape as suggested in a previous comment. Its purpose is to avoid pencil marks on your drawers.
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    Neighbour, fence, rottweiler

    Attach chicken wire to the trellis, it doesn't cost a fortune. Depending on the width and size of cells, a 10 m roll is between £8 and £17. If you are going to stay there for more than a year, plant some ivy, it grows quickly and will cover the fence.
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    Requesting feedback from electricians...

    Are you going to post this topic in every section of the forum? I've already read it in the plumbing section. As a customer I would be very reluctant to call a trade person just because they are free at the moment. I would prefer someone recommended by people I trust. The only exception could...
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    Plan each wall seperately?

    Don't forget to read the sticky (the first topic in the tiling forum)
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    Fitting Outdoor Light Indoors

    Do you mean there will be no ceiling light and you will have one wall light instead? I have lived in a room with similar arrangement (2 wall lights) and it was quite dark. After a couple of months we installed a ceiling light, which made a massive difference.
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    Plan each wall seperately?

    Yes. Take care though to plan the vertical placement of the tiles beforehand, considering all the walls.
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    Waste disposal?

    Do you have another car, which can go to the local tip? I cut my old bath in half and the pieces went into the car.
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    Conservation area madness

    local newspapers or other media?