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    I wonder what happened to old forumites?

    At least you're still here Josef ... Some things never change
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    Here we go again!

    Ignore these people at our peril. MW
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    Technical Preview (Win10)

    All versions of Windows are still light years behind the design, stability and usability of a Mac. In the workplace, though, Microsoft still have the majority by quite some margin thanks to their enterprise approach and office software. Therein lies the dilemma ... Lovely usable Mac's at...
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    David Haines has been murdered.

    Everyone seems to conveniently forget the "extremist" bit and simply see Muslim or Islamic. The vast majority of Muslims are normal law abiding citizens like us non-Muslim law abiding citizens. Here's a thing ... Nutters come in all faiths and Nationalities! MW
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    ELO live at hyde park

    She's certainly nicer to look at than Mik Kaminski :)
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    Scottish independence.

    Shame we'll never get to see how the balance of the vote would have looked without the under 18 contingent ... VERY different methinks 8) Salmon thought he'd pulled a master stroke with this and he almost did! Surprised he didn't try for pregnant 16 year olds having two votes as well...
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    Attaining speeds faster than light

    These "laws of the universe" everyone keeps talking about are simply theories proposed by humans and proven by humans. When Ohms "law" was theorised, proposed and accepted it was not considered possible for a conductor to have zero resistance and yet this is now the case ... Things move on...
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    Heavy handed Morrison

    More management bureaucratic ar5eh0les
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    Good old EU telling us what to do.

    With any luck
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    The John Terry thing.

    Your daughter's going to med school :shock: What does she think of your opinion of doctors then Joe? :lol: MW
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    Holidays in Greece

    One of the most accurate and informed posts I've seen on here for quite a while. Having quite a few Greek friends I really hope they do come out of the Euro as it's caused them nothing but hardship since the day they joined ... Let's hope we NEVER allow our personal glory chasing politicians...
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    Isn't it time we dumped this useless white elephant?

    I forgot to say ... You do need to get a good outcome from the battle ... Vietnam wasn't the most astute political decision ever made. MW
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    Isn't it time we dumped this useless white elephant?

    Or disputed beliefs. I agree about the kudos though, the approach certainly didn't do Margaret Thatcher's credibility any harm ... Mad cow pre-falklands and hero afterwards. MW
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    Referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union.

    We could start by asking ourselves what we have in common with our potential EU partners ... Other than them being our closest neighbours. Unity is built upon common values and beliefs and we have so little in common with other EU members that membership would be a total disaster IMO. I'd...
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    Isn't it time we dumped this useless white elephant?

    There are mad people and bad people and the really mad bad people tend to become politicians :lol: MW
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    Isn't it time we dumped this useless white elephant?

    Canada is attached to the USA so part of their deterrent whether they like it or not (not in my experience but hey ho) and why would OZ and NZ need a deterrent ... If the world was a body you wouldn't try and destroy it by attacking the ar5ehole would you :roll: MW
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    Isn't it time we dumped this useless white elephant?

    A couple of observations ... 1. The big difference between the UK and Greece is that in the UK the majority of income earners pay income tax whilst in Greece the majority avoid it ... This does make any recover plan somewhat precarious. 2. Curious all the posts about not needing any form...
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    For religious types

    Curious all this talk of an afterlife. We're biological machines, when we stop functioning ... That's it ... GAME OVER! No more impulses running round the brain giving us this consciousness stuff ... Just NOTHING. It fascinates me that some people must cling on to there being something...
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    The crumbustion chamber?

    MW Hmmmmnnnn ... Another illiterate gas bodger. Is this a pre-requisite to work on gas ... They take all the failed plumbers who can't read and write and show them how to sniff out gas, or use fairy liquid, or a match and then call them gas engineers ... ENGINEER ... Oh REALLY :lol...