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    baxi 836 wiring
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    baxi combi 836 wiring
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    MPs lose interest in their jobs.

    As soon as the national media decide you don't fit in with their beliefs/ agenda, you are given a very hard time. We have a "variation" of democracy.
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    Baxi 105e flame modulation

    That boiler is probabley 20 plus years old. You are throwing good money after bad. Get a new condensing combi.
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    Boiler installation / Ethics / General Q

    Overheads for se heating/ plumbers from £5,000 a year plus, for all the insurances, van running costs, certificates, training etc. without advertising. SE Electricians are the same.
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    Boiler installation / Ethics / General Q

    Probabley about £30 worth of scrap in most boilers after you have stripped out the copper and brass (valuable parts, cast iron worth very little unless plenty of it). If you want the scrap then you generally keep all the waste to dispose of. Should agree before job starts. Usually the scrap...
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    Replace 60s lead service pipe or leave alone?

    I would replace it now. Was working at a property last year where a builder was doing an extension . Water started seaping up through the block paving on the pathway. Dug down to expose the lead water main which was corroding due to contaminated back fill.
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    Old Conservatives don't understand

    Get used to it. Truth and opinions are always biased. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and selective use of statistics is on the rise.
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    Labour Not Fit For Government

    Self serving is what's been happening this last elected government. Right wing ideologies. Does anyone on this site think Liz Truss was a capable PM ?
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    Labour Not Fit For Government

    Or the media latch onto anything negative to pursue their own agenda
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    Bathroom extractor fan

    Slope the pipe to the outside. Going to have to make sure the fan you purchase has the ability to overcome the 5m distance. Standard fan is straight through the wall to the outside.
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    Why are so many pubs closing?

    The cost of tv subscription sports channels is also about £12,000 a year at my local.
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    Why are so many pubs closing?

    Overheads of running a business. The heating and electricity costs have been a major game changer for everyone.
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    What you expect the next Government to do in Utopia

    Ha ha ha ha. Move on , that's the bullshit from the 80,s. The current trend is for the rich monied people to say "Down with Socialism". Socialists are the enemy. Inherited wealth knows best. They will provide, providing they get their opulent life style first regardless of effort, ability or merit.
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    Old Conservatives don't understand

    If the current system is working very well for you, why would you care ? It's only when you hit hard times you see how things really are." Don't get sick , lose your job or grow old without a private pension" applied in the 1980s Tory rule. Lot more loans and credit available now. Long term how...
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    Cleaning central heating with partial plastic piping ?

    Lot of people use plastic pipework now due to ease of installation. Especially new build where copper pipe theft can occur when site unmanned. Unless you specify copper pipework at the build stage. Prefer copper myself due to longevity . Mice and rodents have been known to chew on plastic...
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    Old Conservatives don't understand

    Picking and choosing the statistics to make the vested interests seem very successful. Always happens. Long term the Tories are normalising greed and poverty. Very underhand tactics to privatise everything. Their answer always seems to be to lower the wages , reduce the service and pay...
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    Horrible story

    when working in older properties, you take up the carpets and find old newspapers. you have a quick read out of interest as to what was happening all those years ago. sadly these types of incidences were happening then. and have always happened. these days with the immediate technology and mass...
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    grant scheme