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    wireless thermostat kit

    The voltage comes from the boiler as a permanent supply. The receiver operates the relay when signaled to do so by the thermostat, sending it back to the boiler and allowing it to start.
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    digital immersion heater timer

    Well the instructions quite clearly state link live to common and NO to the heaters live pole.
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    boiler probs

    Sticky DHW flow switch would be my guess.
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    open vent system

    Don't worry about that, just be as charming to the quoting RGI's as you are here and they will see you right :lol:
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    Where do I stand

    Sorry, looked like a vertical flue. Difficult to see how it's been fitted incorrectly then.
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    Where do I stand

    I don't know if this is relevant, but on this particular boiler when installing the flue vertically, the boilers height must be adjusted to suit the flue. So, the flue cannot be cut in any way. Whether this would make an installation error more likely, i do not know but would guess it would...
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    location of combi boiler

    3M from the bath? that excludes about 99% of bathrooms then.
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    Condensation in back boiler flue sensor

    blimey, a bbu and presumably fire front for less than £200! From memory the last baxi I installed was about £1100 plus the copex. Current prices for the HE baxi about £2k plus.
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    heatline c24 central heating ok water warm then cold

    If it's under warranty then call Heatline in. As far as I know they are OK, at least they have cleared up most of my appalling messes whilst the sound of my spurs are still jangling in the customers ears :oops:
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    fitting new boiler with old pipes in concrete

    They might do. On the other hand, they might not.
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    Virtually no water at hot tap!

    Have a guess then, go on. You will however have the wrong answer - I can guarantee that.
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    Virtually no water at hot tap!

    Oh good, another pointless quiz designed to make everyone feel just that little bit thicker. Assuming that the boiler has been piped correctly, the flow and pressure are OK to the main inlet to the boiler and assuming that no other hot outlets are open and finally assuming that the system...
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    Heatline C24 Boiler no hot water

    Part needs to be replaced. Mike
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    Baxi 105e Boiler central heating not working, hot water fine

    How are you trying to start the heating?
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    Y Plan System Cabling

    Using a multi meter check the voltages in the follow places:- CH on from programmer To room stat From room stat White wire on motorised valve Orange wire on motorised valve All this can be done from the wiring centre easily enough and will tell us where the problem is.
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    Y Plan System Cabling

    This is HW satisfied. If you connected HW off from the programmer to this, then it would be correct.
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    Fit a thermostat to a water tank

    How does it turn off then? or does it boil like an actual kettle?
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    0.5 bar/per hour pressure drop on system boiler

    The boiler might not be capable of firing with the pressure that low but if it is then just try running it for a few minutes on hot water. The idea is that the pump will overcome the pressure from the cold water cistern and pump out into the hot water cylinder, thereby reducing pressure even...