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  1. monkeysDIY

    Alpha Boiler Install - Wiring

    Hi Team, Just a quickie, trying to find an installer for Alpha Boilers. I have a CD35C with RF 7day Stat installed. I have just replaced with Hive and was pondering to cut the wires terminals off to connector block in or does the original clock blanking plate have a connectors to join the...
  2. monkeysDIY

    Bathroom IP65 Downlights

    I have the LED Aurora Cool White. It's just holder I'm after. Without small peek hole....
  3. monkeysDIY

    Bathroom IP65 Downlights

    So cards on table... Anything a bit cheaper????
  4. monkeysDIY

    Bathroom IP65 Downlights

    All my questions with Electrical wholesalers for Bathroom Downlighters have offered me IP65s. However they have tiny glass holes!!!
  5. monkeysDIY

    Bathroom IP65 Downlights

    Thanks So I had previous GU10 in standard holders which were perfect. I had a new consumer board fitted and electrician advised I needed IP rated downlighters...
  6. monkeysDIY

    Which sock do you put on first?

    I wear tights.......... :(
  7. monkeysDIY

    Bathroom IP65 Downlights

    Happy New Year One & All, Just after some money spending advice really.... I am just about to install 5 downlights in a small bathroom and have a product question for experienced eyes... All the IP65 GU10 Downlighters I can find have silly small holes for light to project... now I have...
  8. monkeysDIY

    External Wall Lintel Blockwork

    The drawings by SE listed that lintel. Building Control are via the window company. Can you elaborate please? Thanks
  9. monkeysDIY

    External Wall Lintel Blockwork

    Hi guys, Just a quick question. Having a window firm open up my kitchen window to French doors. They have left for night and infill of Catnic CX70/100 3300 is a lot patchwork. Will this be a problem as the house falling down would totally ruin Christmas!! I've attached pics and the...
  10. monkeysDIY

    Replacing Lintel with Larger Void - 3metres

    Thanks I can get away with standard catnic with no padstones just 150mm each end. Question... how do you install th lintel if it has a lip 1 block course up... as the picture shows there is a wooden joist tight against inner skin Thanks
  11. monkeysDIY

    Replacing Lintel with Larger Void - 3metres

    Hey Guys, Please can someone help me with lintel replacement advice. I've read varied guides... I am replacing my rear window & door with double window & double doors. I've read you can span 3m without Building Reg or SE Drawings. Standard Catnic. What is required for Padstones I have...
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    External View

  13. Roof Joists Above

    Roof Joists Above

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    Window and Door where conservatory access is
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    Old Window & Door

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    New Windows & Doors

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  18. monkeysDIY

    Single Storey Extension Footing/ Foundation SOS - TPO

    Hello All, I am please after some wonderful worlds of wisdom.... I am trying to pass planning for a single storey, flat roofed kitchen/ diner extension, 4m x 7m external. However... I have a tree in my adjoined neighbours garden with a TPO on it and its Root Protection Area spans across...
  19. monkeysDIY

    Load Bearing Airing Cupboard

    Great. Where they are the joist below is doubled up. Also there is no strut to roof pitch, whereas the other 5 joists are single with angle support to roof
  20. monkeysDIY

    Load Bearing Airing Cupboard

    Faaannnntastic!!! Can I also remove the two very large beam/planks that once carried the chipboard for cold water tank in loft (pic 4). They don't brace or hold anything do they? Should I also add some cross bars?