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    Help with slow leaking close coupled toilet

    Your bolt set is finished look at the rust
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    Water pouring from overflow pipe

    open sludge on cylinder
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    What size feed for 3 taps

    What are the taps usage for ?
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    Heating system type

    Any more info Vented system ? Al
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    PRV's plumbing 'nightmare'

    Have you fitted a pumped shower directly to mains cold supply ? Al
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    Very slow leak from cistern bolt

    Step 6, should this read nut, these should be tight and sealed. Lifting up cistern when full to check for water running down thread, and around siphon or flush valve nut. Al
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    How to conceal shower pipework on plasterboarded wall?

    Copper with formed bends inside cavity, soldered fittings under floor if dry. Al
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    Toilet Seat Problem

    Usually you can lift off the decorative cover and find a screw head to tighten, hopefully the spring toggle nut will grip without having to slide wc forward. Al
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    Can't turn hot tap all the way on, no water coming out...

    The barrel inside needs stripped and greased. Or replace with new tap revivers. Al
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    question regarding toilet cistern keeps filling

    Click out the twice valve using clips on side Try turning seal around or replace, look for tiny bubbles on rubber seal, if u see any burst with pin. Al
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    Water Pressure Problems

    Measure the pressure and flow rate at kitchen tap to start with. Ensure stopcock is opened fully. Al
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    New toilet, cistern overflowing...

    The flush valve looks like a 'macdee', which can be twisted out and replaced with a fluid master dual flush unit. Al
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    Float valve adjustment

    look for the cistern FILL LINE, adjust height of float valve with pozi driver .
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    Toilet Help!!

    It's a wirquin jolly I reckon Attach it back onto button if you can and secure somehow If u buy a new wirquin flush valve, comes with button, it's just a case of turning valve anti clockwise and lifting out. Al
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    How do these new fangled toilets work then?

    yeah its a siamp the valve sprays when diaphragm is ripped
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    leaking radiator connection

    get ready to drain down full sysem, unless the rad is on first floor. you might be lucky and cut more of the plastic sleeving (if that is 10mm microbore with a sheath) back and push the copper pipe in more. the part you need would be a 90 degree 10mm bend MF or street elbow as others call...
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    blanking off a waste pipe

    a glued straight with glued rodding eye would be best.
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    washing machine waste problem

    I would use a double spigot on sink trap and wm waste extension if required. Al
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    my mains water seems to be 27mm pipe?

    What colour and material is the incoming mains pipe ? Al
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    Heating system heating Hot water system too

    I think you're not experienced enough to tackle this, best wait till you can crawl. :D Please confirm if when the HW is on that the rads get hot. What model is your mid position valve ?. Al