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    moving sewer for extention advise

    Just move the manhole to where the patio area is. Simple.
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    Gap between top of kitchen unit and quartz worktop

    Ideally it should be flush with the tops of the units, but it will probably be fine. They just silicone the worktop down, not much precision about that part of the operation.
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    new paving slabs are wobbly (not compacted)

    If the sand had been compacted and screeded level, it would have probably been alright. Butv with uncompacted sand, might as well try and lay a patio on the beach.
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    Garden step over long run

    What paving slabs are those?
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    400kW charger - how many of these on a typical local network ?

    Let's see... 1 litre of diesel is apparently equivalent to 10kwh. 125 million litres of diesel/petrol sold per day. So that is equivalent to 1.2 bn kwh needed. Aka 1.2 TWh. We generate 6 TWH per day. So we need to generate 20% more electricity. Is my maths wrong?
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    400kW charger - how many of these on a typical local network ?

    That's really the definition of a smart grid. The real point of smart meters is load prediction and automatic load shedding, not billing and certainly not to let homeowners see how much they are using.
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    400kW charger - how many of these on a typical local network ?

    If someone told you vehicles in the UK would need 3.9 billion litres of highly explosive liquid shipped to over 8000 filling stations every *month* - now that sounds difficult. Coping with an increase in demand for electricity is trivial in comparison.
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    400kW charger - how many of these on a typical local network ?

    Yes, that's kind of the principle of a battery. Also the car is not using 85kw constantly, it only is at full power for a tiny fraction of the time it is running. An EV has a battery pack in the order of 60kwh. So ignoring inefficiencies, to charge a 60kwh battery from empty would require 3...
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    400kW charger - how many of these on a typical local network ?

    For home charging you will see homeowners fitting a variety of devices to generate electricity for free or cheap. The trouble is that the most practical way to generate electricity at home is solar, and most cars are away from the house during the day. So home power banks will be needed which...
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    Concrete base uneven for garden workshop

    If this is basically a shed-style construction designed to lay flat on the concrete, you're best off getting some exterior grade self levelling compound and use that to level off the slab.
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    How to fix heavy item to cavity wall?

    I would put a downward slant on the fixings so the load isn't pulling them directly out of the wall.
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    Summerhouse help

    I had a similar problem. I used a much shallower timber for the lintel, but doubled it up horizontally. I also cut away the floor under the door, removed the ply boarding and shaved the joists a bit. All good fun...
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    Removing tree within 2.5 metres to house

    Get yourself a reciprocating saw with some long blades. After you've cut down most of the tree, plunge it around the trunk to cut the roots underground. Then the stump will come out easy.
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    Garden Office project

    Timber frame. For sips you will need crane access.
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    DIY UFH should I attempt?

    Pressure testing and filling it is surely the easiest part of the job!
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    Removing bay window

    It's your house... but why would you spend a lot of money to remove it? The house would look plainer without it.
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    Combi-Boiler Management During Extension Rebuild

    A thing of beauty, to be sure ;)
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    Using a nail gun for first fix roofing/carcassing

    Framing hammers with the machined head are great too. Whack the nail at almost any angle and it goes in.
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    how to do a suspended concrete ceiling? (bunker build)

    Surely would be easier to bury a shipping container, if you have the access to get it craned in.
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    Unexpected Sewer... Where I Want To Build My Pond...

    My guess is that it's an old manhole repurposed to cover up an old septic tank or well. Either way you are now duty bound to get that cover off and report back with pictures! Don't try and get the cover bit up, just dig around it and slide it off the bricks with a crowbar. Edit: Also that...