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    I'd like to know how he managed that

    I like the bit at the bottom. lol batons. "This article was amended on 15 May 2015, to correct a reference to Mr Jones cutting batons. He was cutting battens."
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    Above ground drop wire closure - attach to wall?

    put it horizontally against the wall and hammer a cable clip onto the cable 2 inches either side of it. if you mount them vertically they let water in. as the other guy said, tie straps are a good shout to help it stay closed.
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    joe90 & any other holocaust deniers

    There are holocaust survivors who describe seeing almost all of the holocaust cliches, including people being made into lampshades, even though this has been disproved even by the jewish historical societes.
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    Phone extension failing wire by wire. Why? (er)

    when you say mystery phone issue, do you mean it went open circuit, short circuit, or even earth contact on the faulty pairs? my money's on simons' guess - the cable willl be trapped at some point.
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    Artex/asbestos advice please

    They recently tore down a 20 storey block of flats in Glasgow that was full of asbestos. There are brand new executive flats across the road and about 70m either side of them - so they sprayed a powerful jet of water onto the rubble while tearing it down with machines. Dust still went everywhere...
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    Cutting MDF with a Jigsaw, Whats the best blade

    nor will a handsaw in a novice's hands! circular saw with a guide clamped to the workpiece.
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    No BT master socket...just an extension socket

    The NTE5a socket's primary purpose is demarcation - to allow BT to say this is ours and that is yours. The surge arrestor was present in the old NTE's, and has been taken out in the latest design - it never stopped lightning damage anyway. If what you have works, then I'd be inclined to...
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    neighbour built chimney on my garden wall

    Neighbour warfare in 3......2........1........
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    Wolf whistling

    She says she contact the police and the building firm on the same day. And the incident she describes is of a builder walking out in front of her and saying morning love. not blocking her path. I've never done the whole shouting from scaffold thing but dont see the harm IF the woman is game...
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    Wolf whistling

    I like the bit where it says 'in his defense, Mr Merret says he only saw poppy from the back and never saw her face' underneath a picture of him looking a bit embarrassed.
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    Wolf whistling

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.
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    Terminating SWA Cat5e?

    Is there a reason to earth the armour on data cables? armoured telecoms cables are never earthed, the armour strands just bent over and taped.
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    Angle Grinder vs Oscillating Multi Tool

    Pictures a bit rubbish but have you tried putting mole grips on them and turning them anti clockwise to remove?
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    ISIS documentary

    I see Reindeer is reverting to ad hominem attacks on the source website, but makes no mention of the actual quotes from the koran on it. Do we deduce that the quotes are therefore accurate and he is unable to refute them?
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    Wise Words

    Not enough to change my life drastically on the basis of it. But as a piece of throw away commentary about working ourselves ill then spending ourselves well, sure. Nothing more than a little reminder to keep balance and moderation in your life imo.
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    Hod carrying

    Murphy started as a hod carrier and on his first day was up and down the ladder 40 times an hour. the other hod lads told him to slow down. he whispered to them he wasn't an idiot - it's the same load of bricks every time.
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    Wise Words

    I would think being the Dali Lama would require one to have a good understanding of it (the condition of man) and he is there to offer the 'alternative' viewpoint
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    Making an old telephone bell ring using 12dc Press loop, then pressing the ring button will send 75v AC down the line terminals to make the customer's phone ring. Think it takes 6 1.5v batteries.
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    laser line horizontal beam

    No laser level will be visible outside (during day time) sorry
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    New DIY idea.... your feedback needed!

    What about dot n dab walls where you have to get the fixing in a specific place but say, the 4th one wont enter because of adhesive preventing the blade?