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    Insulating a dog kennel

    or ... :) Seriously though, I had the same dilemma with my dogs but simply ensured there was a REALLY DEEP layer of hay (not straw) chucked in there for them; they make nests deep in the hay and don't seem to suffer even as they're...
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    Internal Door Repair - Help!

    brink - unless Woofa has eaten that missing length of bead (looks like MDF) take it to a timber merchant and see if they have a match in their hardwood moulding rack. If no luck next stop is a visit to your local uPVC window manufacturer (all towns have them) and get some lengths of similar...
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    Snap together engineered wood floor between door frames

    dave - you suggest in your first post that you've started laying ... is this correct? If not, consider starting to lay at the side of the hall where that door is. Fit your short (door thresh bit) into the next plank, then slide the two into position; continue laying across the hall width.
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    expansion gaps

    77 - chuck 'em on the fire and leave nothing in the gaps. The only use that you can put the cork strips to is as an aid to floor construction. Put the cork along your first wall and leave it there whilst assembling the rest of the floor as this'll prevent the floor 'shifting' whilst you lay it...
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    To wall tile to under skirting and architrave or not?

    Depends on the relative thicknesses of skirting and architraves.
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    To wall tile to under skirting and architrave or not?

    or rebate the back of the architrave to accept the tile thickness.
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    help damp in bay window

    brent - masonry below DPC - expect it to get 'wet' but with appropriate ventilation via airbricks can be managed ... consider adding airbricks and knock additional holes through any joist supporting dwalf walls in the void below the floor (take out the odd brick). The aim is to get a through...
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    Condensation on toilet cistern

    If you box the cistern in you'll not be able to watch the goldfish frantically swimming upwards away from the flush pipe.
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    Maggots on bedroom carpet

    adam - "how's about" carpet moth? Oh, maybe I shouldn't have used that phrase during the current news climate.
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    Maggots on bedroom carpet

    adam - got any animals in the house? Could be flea larvae - they live in carpets.
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    replace leaded windows with double glazed units

    cal - walk around your neighbourhood to spot solutions in similar buildings then ask the householders who did theirs. Then talk to the Conservation Officer at your local Council ... they'll have an appropriate solution and if they get sniffy point-out that others have done it in the area.
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    Baking lampholders

    Cal - why not get sucked into the great green lie debate. Fit an energy saver bulb so you can work in a dull glow and of course your lampholder won't burn :)
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    fixing wood flooring

    benny - is your flooring oiled oak finish? If it is then perhaps your glued slither isn't taking because of the board surface being 'impregnated' with oil. Try to remove some of this oil with a solvent ONLY on the faces that will be glued - avoid getting solvent on top surface of the...
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    Wooden flooring - to nail or float?

    str - marble clad hearths generally have upstands fixed with adhesive (usually a tile type but can be a building adhesive similar to Gripfil or a silicone type). In my experience you can usually prise the upstands off without breaking them and refix later. As to cutting the slither off -...
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    Wooden flooring - to nail or float?

    str - what's the front (and sides) vertical of the hearth face made of? Your drawing suggests - tiles or stone top ('cos of that overhanging lip) and maybe similar material for the upstands ... is this so? If so do the upstands sit on the existing floor or do they go below? In siuations...
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    Sash window frame seal

    Mad - consider 'block pointing' with sand/cement mortar ... obtain a red sand for your mix to get a match for your stone. Block pointing is the 'correct' way to do this and obviously fits with any heritage issues regarding old buildings. Mastic and/or expanding foam would work but ... yuk, IMO.
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    Parts ID

    asmr - malleable iron pipe fittings ... any decent local plumbers merchant will do them or online at somewhere like:
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    integrated fridge door binds on hinge

    Rob - try here: they do just about everything!
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    Random length or fixed length engineered wood flooring?

    s - your next decision is what to do about the existing floor covering (f/bs & chipb/d mix). Really, really do consider lifting all that old stuff and fixing the new directly to the joists by secret nailing. The advantages of doing this is effective fixing (not relying on nails into...
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    Patching in floorboards - reclaimed or new?

    ... or nick them from a bedroom and put the new stuff there ... usually bedrooms are carpeted so you won't see the new.