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    Portable Homebase AC

    The most likely cause would be loss of refrigerant. Is there a pressure sensor and if so have you checked it?
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    Thead type used on a 32mm waste fitting

    Does anyone know what the thread on the nut is that is used on a 32mm waste compression fitting? The 32mm (or 1.25") is what used to be the inside diameter of the pipe going into the fitting (but pipes have become thinner walled so this is no longer true) so this has no relation to the thread on...
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    House RCD tripping - Upgrade to RCBO

    Thank you for the reply. I was looking at the likes of and these are about the same price as the better makes of regular SP RCBO's. Yes you can get cheaper but it is probably only going to add say £100 to the overall cost...
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    House RCD tripping - Upgrade to RCBO

    My partner has an old farm house which is a listed building. The wiring was redone about 25 years ago and the consumer unit has a single RCD which supplies all the MCB's. We have had issues with the RCD tripping out on occasion. There are a few oil heaters around which means it is difficult to...
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    Boiler losing pressure

    It is not a particularly fast leak so wouldn't be that easy to spot. If a plumber takes a look at your house they might have some ideas where it might be leaking. Anywhere upstairs you are probably going to see damp spots on the downstairs ceiling etc... In my house I got a plumber in to install...
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    Boiler losing pressure

    The pressure readout is the pressure in the central heating loop. There is no direct connection between the hot water and the central heating loop other than a thermal one via the heat exchanger and the filling loop. If you turn off the in and out central heating connections all this will do is...
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    RCD Trip - Dead Short?

    Ah ok. I would be tempted to leave that two cables disconnected from the 1st socket and then go round the others. Insert a mains plug with the meter across the L and E terminals and mark which sockets are still showing as a short. Then go about half way between the faulty ones and disconnect the...
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    RCD Trip - Dead Short?

    Can you elaborate on your last statement. Are you connecting the tester +vw output on L and the other terminal on N and then doing it the other way round? And one way you get a short and the other you don't? If you are getting continuity one way round but not the other then it's not a simple...
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    Noisy device between gas supply and meter

    Got home today when the central heating was on and I could hear a buzzing sound from the gas meter box. I have had smart meters installed for about 2.5 months. I haven’t heard it before and I can hear it inside the house. Here is a video What is this silver device? I can feel it vibrating. Thanks
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    Seriously puzzled after investigating washing machine not draining. Pls Help!

    I find an old car windscreen washer pump and a couple of bits of thin pipe to be a very handy tool. You can lie the pipe down mostly flat and then put the tube down the end and suck the water out. Also handy when you can only fit a small container under something to catch the water but it's not...
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    What size cable for connecting 12v batteries?

    The XLR connector pictured is rated up to 50V at 16A. Charging voltage as mentioned previously would be higher than this so it is not ideal. I would be more tempted to use an XT60 connector which has a much higher current rating. You can either use the connectors in-line or get panel mount kits...
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    Looking for a thermostat

    The anti-hysteresis feature is a pretty standard in all smart thermostats. It has two main components. The first is the heating prediction where it looks at the current temperature and outside temperature and then works out when it should turn the heating on for the house to be up to temperature...
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    What size cable for connecting 12v batteries?

    Are you going to have each battery separate or stick them all together as one unit? If you are sticking them all together then I would be tempted to just use earth bonding wire with suitable insulation. What charger are you using? For 4 batteries in series you need 13.8*4 or 55.2V. I don't...
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    Washer dryer not drying: Hotpoint BHWD129

    Check the drain hose for kinks? The dryer often works by passing the hot humid air through water to cool and dehumidify it. If the hose is kinked it might be enough to allow it to eventually drain when washing but might cause issues when drying.
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    Looking for a thermostat

    I used to have a Netatmo Thermostat (before fitting a new boiler and opting for their thermostat). What I liked about it was that either the thermostat itself or the wifi/relay module could control the boiler. As I didn't have a thermostat previously I simple wired the relay module into the...
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    Charging a caravan battery

    Personally I would take it out and use a small maintenance charger to keep it topped up. Something like
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    Draining System with Aladdin HC30 autobleeds

    Just unscrew and remove the HV30 valves instead. If its the HV30C then use the tool that came with them to remove the insert instead. If it is the HV30 then remove the entire unit and get some silicone grease to put on the rubber washer before refitting.
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    If you want to go Lithium then go for LFP (LiFePO4). They are a lot safer and have a slightly lower 3.2V normal voltage over the majority of their discharge which means 4 cells gives 12.8V which is handy when using them to replace AGM batteries. You might find this of interest
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    TV no picture

    Shine a torch on the display and also try turning it on in a dark room. You should them be able to diagnose if there is simply nothing on the display or the backlight has failed. If you can take it apart yourself then look at the power supply sor any signs of burnt components or bulging...