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    Permitted development

    "Restrictions on alterations expire after 5y - so I’m within my rights." Eh?
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    Are building standards optional?

    Remember, with reference to the Approved Documents, the Regulations are the little bits of text in green boxes. The rest is merely a method of compliance with those Regulations. As long as you can demonstrate compliance, you're free to deviate from the guidance.
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    Would planning allow these chances?

    Well, maybe you never get around to finishing it
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    Is this possible?

    How far about ground level is the topmost habitable room?
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    Steps vs Landing Building Regulation

    Why not just remove the handrail?
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    Loft floor insulation

    In what sense did the Council "approve the architect plans"?
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    Anyone know when building works are considered to have "started"?

    I doubt that the Building Inspector even knows where the Planning Department is. Her opinion is irrelevant.
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    Must a shower room have an extractor fan?

    My prediction is that you will come to regret not installing a fan.
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    Anyone know when building works are considered to have "started"?

    This hasn't (to my knowledge) been definitively tested in law, so yes it depends on the circumstances, but generally an act of work that could (reasonably unambiguously) be assumed to pertain to the consented works would suffice. The problem with demolition is that it could be for reasons that...
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    Going over 40m3 L Shape Loft Conversion issue? And eaves question.

    I don't think there's any case law confirming the position, but as discussed elsewhere on this forum, logic dictates that the calculation must include the external fabric, otherwise you could just stud out the internal volume until you were back below the limit. That said, how wide, and how deep...
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    fire door needed?

    Presumably, this is under the Prior Notification/Neighbour Consultation PD scheme
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    Alternative position for fire door protecting escape route

    Are Building Control insisting upon one, or would your own piece of mind demand one regardless?
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    2 Storey extention - neighbours house

    I think you've got it more or less right - all possible, with the limitations you've described
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    Advice needed on rejected application

    I haven't read the decision, but from what you're saying it sounds as though the bulk was acceptable to the Planning Inspector. On that basis, I would re-apply, citing the verdict of the Inspector.
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    Conservation area, shed planning permission

    Are there any article 4 directions attached to the CA?
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    Adding storeys under PD

    The Planning Portal is not the Statutory Instrument. This is:
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    The neighbour downstairs is placing a kitchen fan extractor right under my living room window..

    Contact Westminster's Planning Enforcement Team. They love this kind of thing. If you want a tin of shortbread biscuits emblazoned with a squirrel motif, contact the National Trust. And if you want to have the most inane and fruitless conversation of your life, contact Historic England.
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    Install gate in brick wall that faces public path.

    From your description, it sounds like you need planning permission, but I wonder what would happen if you just did it and then applied retrospectively if and when the Council come calling sometime in the next four years.