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  1. Leccy758

    Hotpoint WM61P: Replacing door hinge needs internal access?

    I usually use a pair of pipe grips to close the two sides together fully after putting the male end into the female end a click or two.
  2. Leccy758

    Whirlpool AAA Class - Stops during cycle - Help

    Try the machine on a rinse cycle only to see if it does complete. This does not use the heater so will try and narrow down what has gone wrong.
  3. Leccy758

    Bosch Washer plug to dryer

    John D Long story short the US uses 220 volt motors in some cases, to enable them to work on their 110 Volt systems they use 2 phases not all three. As I said I have done this with the US military but not domestically. I have seen three phase (220/380, 110/208) in domestic properties in...
  4. Leccy758

    Bosch Fridge Freezer Valve Magnet

    Generally if the compressor is running and the unit is not chilling you have a refrigerant leak. Looking at the diagrams for this model it is an auto defrost model that works by blowing cold air into the fridge from the freezer. The thermister in the fridge is to control the operation of a...
  5. Leccy758

    Why My Old Kenmore Washing Machine Needs Hot Air to Start

    mickymoody generic information sometimes does not as most US machines are top loaders instead of frontloaders. They tend to have mechanical gearboxes, many have inductors for starters.
  6. Leccy758

    Help Required

    Turn power off Tip machine back against a wall and make sure it will not slip Look underneath and remove the pump itself or the hose from the sump where it is attached to the pump. You should be able to remove the obstruction then Careful about the water that will leak out The reason you...
  7. Leccy758

    Indesit Moon washing machine

    I take it you actually had a look at the pump and filter?
  8. Leccy758

    Bosch Washer plug to dryer

    US 110 Volt ac single phase domestic supply also gives a 208 Volt ac 3 phase supply if you have 3 phases. I will assume you have a 3 phase plug and socket if so you should get a sparky in to do the job. I have done it before for the US military on deployment but since I am in the UK and not...
  9. Leccy758

    Hotpoint Aquarius WF541 f05 lights 2&4, pressure sw stuc

    Pretty much so yes. Not too difficult to change just don't over tighten the screws when you fit the new one (assuming it is screw together and not twist fit) Darn beaten by rocks lol. As a little note about your question on pressure switches, it is the Brown item on the RHS with a rubber...
  10. Leccy758

    Flavia Finesse 100 Range Cooker - Fan Oven not working

    Check the element for continuity, it is usually around the 25 to 27 ohm mark but can vary a little.
  11. Leccy758

    converting a wall range cooker hood into an island one

    Island type ones are supported by the chimney so it is designed to take the weight and all the mounts and attachment points are there. Wall mount ones the whole weight is taken by the wall mounting at the back. The chimney is pretty much just balanced on there with maybe a screw or two...
  12. Leccy758

    converting a wall range cooker hood into an island one

    Island ones are designed to be free hanging from the ceiling, their mounting and support points are designed for that, they are angled from al sides towards the centre extraction point. Wall mount ones are designed to be bolted to the wall and not have the whole weight of the unit hanging...
  13. Leccy758

    Neff microwave

    The HV circuit on a microwave can have up to 20,000 volts DC on it. It is not recommended for DIY service. Depending on the model it may have individual HV capacitor, HV fuses, HV transformer or it may be an all in one unit where you may have to replace the whole power module which is...
  14. Leccy758

    Hotpoint WM

    Post the model number and what all the lights are doing. do any flash in a repeating fashion.
  15. Leccy758

    servis fridge freezer diagnostic - help required

    Wiring diagrams were hard enough to get before Servis went bust several years ago, near impossible now.
  16. Leccy758

    Fridge keeps flooding

    The whole at the back leads to a drain pipe that usually goes down to an evaporator tray above the compressor. You need to clean out the pipe (most of the time it only gets clogged up at the top), use a pipe cleaner or something similar and gently rod it out, you will probably get a bit of...
  17. Leccy758

    zanussi timeline 1600 replace main drum bearing

    Posting PNC's help us to identify the machine correctly as you have different parts even on the same models depending on when they were made. Generally you have to strip down a machine to do the bearings as you have to remove the inner drum which requires splitting the outer drum and removal...
  18. Leccy758

    Candy A75 replacement part - think it's the filter?

    Can you post a pic of the part and or where it came from
  19. Leccy758

    Rubber strip/seal between freestanding cooker and worktops

    Something like these ? I have not used this style as I have always fitted this type
  20. Leccy758

    Hoover D6392 reversing dryer belt change

    I assume you mean the belt tensioning wheels as opposed to the drum support rollers on a hoover. The belt goes round the motor shaft and a wheel goes either side of the belt, simple diagram . .O (Drum) . .oVo (belt with tensioning wheel either side, bottom of V is...