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  1. john4703

    LED Batten fittings

    Can any electrician recommend a supplier of LED batten lights that are easy to use to replace some existing fluorescent batten lights. I’ve seen a few different makes of LED battens and they all seem to be sealed units with cable entry at one, or two fixed points. I need fittings with a choice...
  2. john4703

    uPVC sprung door

    I’m trying to save money on heating a church by reducing draughts. There are double doors that swing both ways on double swing hinges. This is good as they swing closed as people come ion but there are gaps at the top, sides and bottom. I want to replace them with uPVC doors that open outwards...
  3. john4703

    Lead sheathed cable

    They don't seem keen to dig up the concrete wheelchair ramp that was added over the cable about 25 years ago. I'd be happy if they replaced the whole cable along a new route right out to the street but I suspect that would cost them too much. I think I will buy a couple of 100A switch fuses...
  4. john4703

    Lead sheathed cable

    It feeds the contactors for the central heating and the box has a couple of waggos in it. It looks really bad but it is so much better than it used to be. (The existing cables were just too short to reach the consumer unit that contans the contactors.)
  5. john4703

    Lead sheathed cable

    Tha Thanks, that is a great help as there is a length exposed under the floor.
  6. john4703

    Lead sheathed cable

    I have a situation that seems crazy to me. The electricity supplier wanted a meter change. That seemed simple but when the technician arrived to change the meter he refused to do the job because the board it is fixed too is loose. This was raised with the DNO Scottish Power Networks. One of...
  7. john4703

    Is flex cable required in this case?

    That is interesting. About 10 years ago I replaced the old consumer unit in my house with a nice new one and I used RCBOs for all the circuits, apart from the main lighting circuit. My logic was that when a tungsten filament lamp fails it often trips a RCBO or RCD and I don't like being...
  8. john4703

    Cracked concrete in garden office foundation

    Contact the company that did the job and tell them to come and fix the problem.
  9. john4703

    instantaneous heat pump

    I’m not sure which forum to put this in. I look after a church and there was an almost useless water heater in the kitchen. It started to leak and I’ve removed it. (It was almost useless as it only heater 12 litres of water) I want to fit an electric instantaneous water heater to supply two...
  10. john4703

    Leaking Tap

    Another update. It leaked again so I removed the nut and the plastic unit underneath it. I cleaned the base of the unit and inside the metal tap. It now seems to be sealed properly.
  11. john4703

    Unusual door bell needed

    I’m trying to find a doorbell, with possibly an odd lot of requirements. It is for a church building that is used by a lot of different community groups. I’d like it to be cordless. I want two pushes, both battery powered. I want five sounders, preferably ones that are plugged into a 13a...
  12. john4703

    Leaking Tap

    I thought I should update this. I removed the red/blue cover and the grub screw and found it difficult to get the top off as it was really firmly stuck. I eventually managed and found a large nut underneath, I've tightened up that nut and no more leaks. Thank you very much terryplumb
  13. john4703

    Alternatives to Plastic DPC

    I agree with everyonevwho has said that plastic DPC is designed for the job and is perfectly safe. The old material for a DPC was slate. Mortar stuck well to it but I'm not sure anyone would use it these days.
  14. john4703

    Leaking Tap

    Thanks, I wondered about the red/blue cover. I'll investigate tomorrow. It is too cold wet and miserable outside for me to go to my tool store for an allan key and wrench tonight.
  15. john4703

    Leaking Tap

    I bought a new kitchen from Howdens about 4 years ago. The tap has started to leak. I’ve pointed to where it leaks in the photo. How do I get it apart to find the problem? It is behind a Belfast sink so removing the whole tap would not be easy. I wondered if there is any easy fix for this.
  16. john4703

    Smart meters have never connected

    I wonder if you should read the meters regularly and work out your bill and put the money into a savings account but refuse to send readings to Eon as they have fitted smart meters. You will need to pay which is why I suggested saving the money but a lack of readings might make then act.
  17. john4703

    Failed PAT

    That photo of a 2 pin plug brings back memories of my first attempt to see exactly what electricity was. I crawled behind a sofa (I was too young to walk), and carefully inserted one end of a piece of bare wire into one side of a two-pin socket. Nothing happened so I inserted the other end of...
  18. john4703

    Old threads should they be deleted after a year?

    Would it be better to lock threads after one, two or three years? The thread would remain, but it would be impossible to post on a locked thread. This would stop old threads suddenly appearing at the top of the list.
  19. john4703

    Is this a C1?

    OK fitting a blank from another make may not comply with type testing, and some clip in stuff can be removed without a tool, so does not comply, but it will do until you can get some proper stuff. As to swapping the consumer unit that's another job. If the blank was glued in place it could not...
  20. john4703

    life eh!

    I decided to try to go to university when I was 43 years old. I really wanted to be a social worker as I'd been in so many houses where I saw problems. I applied for a Social Work course and go told to do an access course at an FE college. I did that and applied to a university. I was the oldest...