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    Opinions on Baxi Solo HE Boilers please

    Solo He IS an ally heat x. Its the same as the promax. Barcalona and 100he. The solo 3 pfl was a cast iron heat x. Your right realy winds me up when infomation on the net is incorrect...;-)
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    Baxi Combi runs hot and cold

    blocked plate heat x, or sticky divertor valve
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    Baxi Solo

    which solo, if the new type, ignition problems are normaly caused buy electrode problems. ie tracking to earth etc. old sort, gas valve or pilot.
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    Baxi Megaflo boiler - 'crackling' noise and heat loss

    heateam will fix appliances and then void warranty until problems like dirt are rectified.
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    Baxi Megaflo boiler - 'crackling' noise and heat loss

    megaflo = system boiler. need to check the inlet filter for debris, also divertor valve. sounds like you have dirt in the system which is restricting the flow. this would not be covered by warranty as its dirt.
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    poxi bahama 100!! not starting/firing

    its fallen on my rest week for the last 7 years....
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    Baxi Duotec combi boiler - hot water problem

    boiler should produce approx 12ltr/min at 35 degree rise. the flow goes through a flow restrictor inside the inlet valve. however the pipe work from the boiler to tap, and water presure can also have a bearing on this. the blockage in the plate heat x will be on the primary side, it will be...
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    poxi bahama 100!! not starting/firing

    wednesday, not happy cause its my daughters birthday..
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    poxi bahama 100!! not starting/firing

    lol, dont knock it, i went to a 130he just been fitted last week. leaked like a sieve. punter brought it from plumb center for 150 quid. and we honoured the warranty on it. serial number was 03...
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    Baxi Duotec combi boiler - hot water problem

    plate heat x blocked. replace/thouroughly clean heat x, flush system and fit filter.
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    Is my Main Combi 30 Eco supposed to go on and off on its own

    from the instructions Operation of Pre-heat 1. The boiler incorporates an intelligent pre-heat feature that will ensure optimum domestic hot water performance. 2. This features ‘learns’ the domestic hot water demand, and pre-heats the boiler primary circuit (main heat exchanger...
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    HOt water problem with Baxi Combi

    if pipe on far left gets hot when your running a tap, sounds like the divertor valve is stuck causing the heat to go to your rads instead of to the plate heat exchanger to heat your water.
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    Baxi 80e boiler - no pressure plus disconnected pipe?

    attach the end of the braded hose to the non return valve (next one along) then use a screwdriver to open the valve at the connected end of the hose. top up to 1.5bar the close valve and remove filling loop.
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    Distance of tap from boiler

    the further the tap, the more water you waste waiting for it to get hot.....
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    baxi he80 fan flu fault

    or even pcb, not sending power to fan.....
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    Baxi 80 HE Plus Intermittent Ignition Lockout Fault

    probably gonna get shot down for this but get an RGI in to have a look, its more than likly a cheap part which has failed, and wont cost you much. i would tell you which part but your obviously not qualified to fix it.
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    Baxi combi 80 boiler

    couyld be a number of things, aps, gas valve etc. do you get any fault lights flashing on the boiler????
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    Filler loop not adding pressure to gauge?

    the ev is not there to keep they system under positive presure at all...... its there to take up the expansion as the water heats up. just cause they have lost a little pressure, dosnt mean the vessel has lost its pressure. try topping up during non peak times. once topped up, turn...
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    Opinions on Baxi Solo HE Boilers please

    pump over runs are used to disipate heat from the heat x when demand stops, to prevent overheating. the solo dosnt need one as its an ally heat x with a flow switch. the pump can be wired from the boiler if needed, and if fitted to a fully trv'ed s plan then it must be wired back to the boiler...
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    Opinions on Baxi Solo HE Boilers please

    its an ally heat x.. similar to the promax..