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    HELP - Damp!

    Phone the condensation centre New Inn ,Pontypool for some free advice over the phone. ******* Have a a few damp and condensation problems over the years. This guy really knows his stuff and has given me loads of advice over the phone. He has always rectified my property issues and may...
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    Leaky fireplace Eldfast/Thermocrete

    Sorry Ken, who are the NACE? I googled it and cae across all sorts of things but nothing related to fires and chimneys. Thanks :roll:
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    HELP!Would loose chimney flashing cause damp patches downsta

    Hi, I'm new to this forum but had a similar problem in a rental property I own. It was on an external rendered wall, I had chimneys fixed, roofs fixed and so on for years and years, but to no avail and at a cost of a couple of thousnad punds. Turned out it was nothing more than internal...
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    Rosemary re-roof

    I have a 1917 semi with a roof that is not felted or insulated. It is in reasonable condition, has had a couple of repairs over the years but still the original lath and plaster etc. but the house is very very cold in winter. I looked into the spray-foam option, and have been warned off like...
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    Leaky fireplace Eldfast/Thermocrete

    THanks KenGMac. THat is the thermocrete system you are describing and the cost is about £2500 for my flue! Maybe more cost effective if someones having my than one chimney repaired in the stack though. Since reading your post, I think I might opt for the Eldfast system, but that involves...
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    Renotherm, spray foam for pitched roof?

    THanks, all. I think I'll steer clear of spray-foaming. THanks for the advice.
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    Leaky fireplace Eldfast/Thermocrete

    Hi, I have an open fire which I 'Used to' burn coal/wood on. Unfortunately, I have had to stop using it as my daughters bedroom (directly above the room the fire is in) has filled with smokey fumes the last couple of times we used it. I understand that a metal flue needs to be minimum 8"...
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    Renotherm, spray foam for pitched roof?

    I am seeking advice about insulating my loft area. I know nothing about roofing so please offer any advice in laymans terms. Briefly, 1917 semi, original roof in pretty good order. Roof tiles similar in appearance to rosemary but a bit rougher/darker. No felt, just lath/plaster. I...