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    Hotpoint dishwasher A5

    Need a little help from you guys please. My fdyf 2100 hotpoint dishwasher is showing an A5 fault. It happens a few minutes after you start a wash program. I can hear something start, sounds like a pump but without the sound of moving water, then the A5. Thanks.
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    Replaced radiator now boiler won't start

    or ball valve stuck up?
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    Baxi 105e problems

    Yes, I've known lots who've done it themselves. You first need to find out if it's a diverter valve problem or a scaled heat ex. You can do this by closing the very left hand service valve to the boiler and running your hot tap. If the water works ok then it's a diverter valve problem if not...
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    Baxi 105e problems

    Sounds like 2 problems, a scaled dhw heat exchanger would give the hot water problems and radiator problems. Because the primary water can't circulate through it it is forced to the radiators. The diverter valve not moving completely would give the same results, easy fix for an engineer. Your...
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    Nightmare with one radiator

    Something no-one seems to have asked yet but have you recently replaced the pump or diverter valve (if you have one) Is this radiator the furthest away from your airing cupboard?
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    Smeg dwf 612b

    Normally I'd be posting in the plumber forums helping people with their boiler probs, never thought I'd be asking for help!! Smeg dwf 612b dishwasher that has an intermittent fault. Sometimes it completes the cycle no probs, other times it stops partway through and the right hand set of leds...
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    He owns a scaffolding company............I get free scaffolding. I actually do come out on the better side of the deal!
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    got to replace a m/s and membrane on one of these tomorrow for a mate (otherwise I wouldn't go near) Anyone done this before? Could do with a quick how to before i attempt it.
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    Biasi M90e 24s Going onto lockout frequently

    When you say it locks out, does the red light come on or does the green power light start to flash quickly?
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    Can I replace Vokera Linea 24 with Linea 28

    pipe connections and flue position are exactly the same for the 28 as the 24. The 28 is a wider boiler though.
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    So whats up with the bloody thing, Eco 80

    are you measuring dhw temp at an outlet or at the boiler? Mixer shower introducing cold into the dhw could be the prob.
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    Advice on Viessmann 200 30kw combi boiler needed!

    Viessmann use both their own engineers and local trained engineers. I've known them get there same day (if called first thing). If the visiting engineer hasn't got the part on his van Viessmann will post the part out on a next day delivery. The good thing is the part is posted to you, the...
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    Guess where the water is coming from?

    are you having to top up the pressure each time?
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    boiler choice Vaillant Ecotec 937 or Viessmann 222F

    the vaillant is wall mounted so the weight of water it can hold in store has to be limited. It will look like a washing machine hanging on the wall. The viessmann is floor mounted so has a bigger store. They do a 222w which is wall mounted but it's only on the continent so far. Personally I...
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    Guess where the water is coming from?

    auto air vent on top of the pump.
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    Baxi combi 80 eco

    Providing you haven't got a roomstat installed the easiest way is to join the 2 black wires of the integral timer and use the loop on the incoming mains terminal strip as your common and switched live from your proposed timer..
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    Ideal mini C28 no ignition fault

    if your certain the air pressure switch is working correctly then it'll be the ignition pcb.
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    Ideal mini C28 no ignition fault

    I know how you do it.............i'm just curious to whether he did it or just guessed his way through a fault finder by assumption. tit.
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    Ideal mini C28 no ignition fault

    common problem yes. can i ask how you got the fault finding result?