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    Peugeot 1.6HDi particulate filter message

    Hi All We have had this message "possible particulate filter blocked" displayed on our 2005 peugeot 307 1.6 hdi after filling it up at the weekend. I have tried to research a bit about this but it seems a bit confusing about the possible problems. ( I have given it a good >70mph blast up...
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    JCB lawn mower

    Hi I have just borrowed my neighbour's petrol lawnmower (with his permission) and mowing away happily when it started to spew white smoke. Didn't change in sound, but worried I stopped mowing. it did start up again but thought I should leave it. I will of course offer to pay for it's repair...
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    Ford focus- dead smell when reversing

    Hi all, We have noticed a bad smell when we reverse our ford focus (my hubby swears it's not him :lol: ) it kind of smells like something has died around the car. Any ideas? Thanks in advance........
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    laurel probs

    Can anyone help? We have what I think is a laurel in our garden which a couple of weeks ago started to curl its leaves, it then developed little spots all over the leaves and now the leaves have gone brown, dry and dead looking. Does anyone know what this is and if it can be treated. I also...
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    Fireproof render?

    Hi We have a fireplace which has been plasterboarded and skimmed. In the fireplace there did used to be a multifuel stove, if we were to reinstate the stove is the best thing we could do to remove the plasterboard and use fireproof cement to render it? The chimney flue is fine- new. Hope...
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    Has this Audi expired??

    Thanks for the advice guys :cry: do have have any idea on price for a new engine and (exhaust probably) with labour......... trying to work out what to do with it, fix, , flog or scrap (although that would kill me-it's a fab car). Although to be honest we were thinking about selling it...
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    Has this Audi expired??

    Sorry -petrol
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    Has this Audi expired??

    Hi, Up until about 1 year ago it was always serviced regularly with an oil change, but it has got 123000 miles on clock, we haven't used it too much this last 6 months as my father in law gave us his honda which is cheaper to run. No turbo charger.
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    Has this Audi expired??

    Hi all, We're in a right pickle and cold really do with some help. We have an 1998 Audi A4 that some months ago cost us an arm and a leg when the camshaft adjuster had to be replaced. And seemed to be OK (maybe a small exhaust rattle) up until 2 days ago when the oil light came on and...
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    Tiling directly onto plasterboard

    Hi We have removed some old cladding in our bathroom and the wall behind is damaged where previous wall tiles have been removed in some parts down to the brick. We were wondering if we chop back the plaster and replace with plasterboard if we can tile directly onto the plasterboard? Thanks...
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    BEKO washer weird BUZZING sound!?

    Thanks for help breezer -a 5p stuck in the pump outlet, now working perfick!!
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    BEKO washer weird BUZZING sound!?

    Hi Breezer, is this an easy DIY job?
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    BEKO washer weird BUZZING sound!?

    Hi, My daft Beko washer is ill...... It won't drain and seems to stop mid cycle.If I click the program dial around it makes a buzzing noise when it's supposed to drain, but I leave for sometime then it just goes silent. I have also noticed that it sometimes doesn't spin as fast as it...
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    LPG/Gloworm xtramax- HELP!!!!

    No, it's most definitely a bang and a very loud one at that. Reckon i'll follow the advice given and speak to plumber B.......again :(
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    LPG/Gloworm xtramax- HELP!!!!

    The fault with this boiler is showing F1 .However before it does it's chitty bang bang impression there is a ticking noise, is it likely to be an ignition thing with a build up of gas then?Or a problem with the mix of gas? Plumber B did take the flue to bits ,reassembled it and he also did...
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    LPG/Gloworm xtramax- HELP!!!!

    Please can someone give us advice..stress levels approaching critical! We are currently renovating our house and needed to replace the central heating system. So after many quotes and deliberation we got plumber (plumber A) to install our central heating and boiler (a HUGE Gloworm xtramax...
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    Hi, I have an Audi A4 (1999) with a loud rattle that seems to come from the front end of the exhaust- probably worse on starting but does come intermittantly whilst driving along. My hubby has taken it to a garage they have said it's the catalyst and just the part alone is £200. Is it...
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    Depth for incoming mains cable?

    We've just had this done ourselves. We had to dig to 600mm to allow for the 150mm rigiduct that our suppiler specified which we got from Jewsons. Good luck with the digging!!
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    soil advice

    Hi, We have just removed a large section of decking so we can plant a nice garden but on removal of decking we have found lots of building rubble which we have removed (mostly) the soil looks devoid of life and I would like to know if it would be beneficial to put some organic matter into it...
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    climber advice

    Hi, I want to plant a climber onto a west(ish) facing house wall and would like some advice for what kind of things would be suitable. I would prefer an evergreen, probably something that clings? And something that does'nt take a lifetime to cover (I am knocking on a bit!! :lol: ). Any...