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    Cold UFH run

    Hi, I have an unknown UFH system (not long moved in) that had to have the blending valve replaced due to a leak. I was worried that this would have introduced air into the system so now am looking to refill/pressurise the system (the emergency plumber just did the blending valve and said it was...
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    UFH bleed/refill

    perfect! thanks for the advice I really appreciate it!
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    UFH bleed/refill

    Thanks for the advice Rob, My main worry is that there is air in the system as I seem to have cold spots and I was assuming (rightly or wrongly) that this could have been introduced when the blending valve was changed. I did try undoing the knurled ring on the top and water started coming out...
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    UFH bleed/refill

    Hi all, hoping for some help/guidance on this one. I've got a UFH system downstairs that had to have the blending valve replaced. It was a fairly bad leak so Im assuming the system will need topping up/bleeding but the plumber that replaced the valve didn't do it. Obviously google search...