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    Replacing switches to metal. Earth issue

    Remove them from the little block and connect them to the earth teminal on the switch plate or run a fly lead from the little block to the earth teminal on the switch plate
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    Anyone know of a Z-wave temp sensor with probe for hot water tank?

    Fibaro Smart Implant with a DS18B20?
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    Wired smoke alarms

    I'm not sure they do battery powered with wired interconnect, but they do mains powered with wired interconnect and battery powered with wireless interconnect
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    Wired smoke alarms

    Are they all due to be replaced? Aico are decent, though not the cheapest
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    Getting rid of bees

    Their behaviour (being annoying) sounds more like wasps than bumbles. I suspect most beekeepers won't be interested in or have expereience of dealing with bumbles. If it was me I would live with them as their season is relatively short, but there is some sound advice if you do need to move them...
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    Are these load bearing walls or partition?

    We used one last year on our renovation to transfer weight from purlin down to UB :rolleyes: . SE and building control were happy with it
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    20,000 extra coppers.

    Cut 21k police, recruit 20k police, leaves you with 1000 less police from where you started - think the maths lessons Sunak wants to increase need to start in CCHQ
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    Soundproofing an en suite toilet

    Wrap nsulation around the waste pipe, double up plasterboard where possible
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    Flat roof joists size

    Look up span tables for flat roofs. prob looking at min 195 x 47 C16 @ 400mm. Easiest way to get the fall is probably to add furring strip (a diagnally cut timber) on top of the joist to give you the required fall
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    Central heating & hot water - how should we plan to upgrade

    In a similar boat - identify existing insulation and where this could sensibly be upgraded. Then do heat loss calcs before purchasing a heatpump that can handle the requirements, and upgrade any radiators that require it
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    Reducing street noise

    Airborne noise you really want to add mass - e.g. double layer plasterboard or acoustic board Windows will likely be a weak point - check seals, and though not cheap consider acoustic glazing Don't overlook the ceiling, as I noticed this was a big source of noise on a recent renovation
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    Velux window replacement manual to electric, same size

    I've fitted a couple of the solar conversion kits here - all straight forward and very DIY-able. Just make sure your product number is compatible etc
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    Anybody tried recovering iPhone data?

    Edit: sorry just realised you said not backed up Does iphone not automatically back up stuff to icloud or something?
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    How do I record a section of music? Most audio players will allow you to loop playback
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    IWI Practices

    I'm planning the warm battern method (PIR, battens, PB), you lose more floor area, but this does mean you can foam and tape joints in PIR and gives a useful void for services
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    Wireless solution for recliner sofa

    Floor socket?
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    Formula 1 championship decider on Sunday.

    If FIA were so keen for it to finish under green flag conditions, they should've red flagged after Latifi crash, you can't just make up rules as you see fit to "put on a show" I would've been happy to see either of them win today. HAM was clearly better on the day. Just a shame it has been...
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    Premium bonds - one £50k block or scattergun?

    Slightly better odds if you don't cash them in, as you wont miss a draw
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    How Does My Boiler Work?

    Flow temp is low? I think as part of part L all new installs would have to have room thermostat now
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    Double socket

    You can get 1 + 1 gang back boxes, which would allow two accessories to be fitted