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    Front door cil/ laminate floor - gap

    Hi guys when my new laminate floor was fitted, it seems there’s now a gap between the cil of the front door and the new laminate in the hallway that meets it. See photo below - is something missing? Any suggestions on items to disguise this please would be super - I tried covering it up with a...
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    Cold from Damaged plasterboard wall corner

    Hi guys We recently removed l skirting board for a new laminate floor, I have yet to add new skirting but I have noticed draughts coming from the chipped plasterboard on wall corners, in some places exposing the metal mesh underneath, please note picture b what’s the best way to try and...
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    Gap: internal Door frame and plasterboard wall

    Hi all wonder if you can help please we recently removed skirting to renew it after having a newlamibstr floor. but we have noticed some large gaps between the wooden door frame and plaster board wall, some as wide as a couple of cm- please see picture. do I need to fill these gaps with...
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    Insulating Cold / Draft from window frame

    I uncovered them and agreed to fix them myself thanks both for your help
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    Insulating Cold / Draft from window frame

    I recently had laminate floor replaced throughout my flat, and had skirting boards removed for this, and some floor level window sil / shelving from the floor to ceiling windows. I have noticed cold wind coming from the window frame that is exposed, it looks like some kind of spray foam has...