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    Installing a elec shower, query about the earth.

    Chri5 . The Supp Bonding will still need to be connected unless ALL the circuits in the bathroom are RCD connected------not just the Shower. spark 1
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    Can I use standard 3-core flex outside?

    I will make this simple and to the point Wolfie mate. The answer is No Never in a month of Sundays should you do as you suggest Bring in an Electrician or dont have permanent power in the shed---you ve only got one life dont waste it !
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    courses to update from 16th to 17th edition

    you are correct in that one----all such funding has been suspended to at least some time following the big bombshell cuts anouncement in October
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    Outdoor Light too near PIR sensor

    put the senspr unit underneath the light
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    New Consumer Unit ?correct MCB's

    1. It would have been preferable to have had the shared {borrowed ] Neutral problem rectified, and if the lighting circuits are on seperate mcb s then this is a defenite No .No. and a potential Shock risk. 2. If the lights are wired in 1,5mm then a 10A. mcb is probably o.k providing any...
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    Replacing garage fuse box with RCD

    No need to contact Building Control is there? I am afraid the answer to that question is Yes there is a need to contact Building Control. Changing a consumer unit is notifiable work...your insurance company may be interested in the event of any for thought ?
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    Very odd setup....

    only the Spark who installed it can answer your question, however, some Sparks actually prefer a TT installation as opposed to a TN. Reason being ,they have control over the continuity of the means of earthing and any loss of the earthing provision from the DNO [ which does happern ] will have...
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    plug socket in bathroom....

    Thanks ban., my mistake,,,,...on the ball,as ever ! :oops:
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    Dolt Of The Week (With Further Further Apologies To RF)

    Has the Leccky been on the fiddle here do you think.? the neutral defenitely connected at the meter ? A switched meter Neutral fiddle springs to mind.
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    plug socket in bathroom....

    My better half has insisted that we stretch the budget, and buy a whirlpool bath Any advice welcome guys. Unfortunately Electrics in Bathrooms are not for the advice i can give is to stretch the budget a bit more and call in a qualified Electrician who will also take...
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    Odd Fault

    Problem: two lights trip the RCD when switched on, but only when their lamps are in. Do both lamps have to be in for the rcd to trip?
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    Earthing or bonding?

    Dont Worry everyone. The safety Do not remove label is not fitted so I guess its o.k. if the cable is not connected then ! :wink:
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    Earthing type

    Your Main Bonding appears to be connected to the incoming side of the Gas meter is that right ?...if so it needs to be on the other side. It also looks a bit undersized.
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    Running a spur off a cooker circuit?

    Hi yer Loverocket...My following points are intended to be in the best interests of the O.P. and I have no axe to grind with you at all but as I am sure you are aware of yourself Kitchen Electrics are one of the most common areas where Sparks find Major Botch ups of wiring circuits by Keen...
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    double switch help

    Gordon Bennet ! :roll:
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    Garden Lights

    .Would that be Extra Low Voltage cabling Paul ? :roll:
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    double switch help

    From what you describe the fault is likely to be at the wiring for the passage light. Not sure why you have three blacks there unless one is a switch wire ,but you state no black at switch. Is a yellow cut back at the outside light as it looks like you have 3-core & E there . The outside light...
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    double switch help

    Photos or connection diagrams of your wiring at switches etc.will be necessary .....advice will then follow
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    Garden Lights

    Hi Paully...the Terminology 12v. Low Voltage is incorrect.............12v is in fact extra low voltage, however many equipment manufacturers choose not to subscribe to this which leads to the confusion. This was one of the points included in the earlier post from bas. Lacking the test...
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    Running a spur off a cooker circuit?

    What arrangements have you made regarding compliance with the Building Regs ?