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    Sediment coming through tarmac drive

    No nothing as far as we know, all the drainage and piping comes under the lawn which is quite far away.
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    Sediment coming through tarmac drive

    Images for issue
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    Sediment coming through tarmac drive

    Hi Guys, We had our driveway done last October. From my view they did a great job, went above what we asked by fixing the edging walls and removed a good depth before sub basing The old drive was originally pebbles but had turned into a hardcore base game that was a muddy sandpit when it...
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    Condensation above Velux window frame.

    Hey Everyone, I currently have what looks like a condensation issue between the outer and inner frame of a Velux window. It’s about 6 years old, this year we noticed 2 small brown stains on the ceiling where it’s been landing. I’m unsure if it’s done this before and based on how the waters just...
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    Random metal posts

    Does anyone have any idea what this metal rod with a ring could be before I start digging around it? It was covered by a foot of soil and assume it goes down at least another 2 foot, We have about 3 of these dotted around. It’s a 1920s house based around KD a lot of farms and fields. Unsure if...
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    Filling void underneath suspended floor (damp)

    In this case I guess I could at least attempt to even out the underneath to the maximum depth I could go and get some dpc slab down to try and help the standing water, or I just get dirty and try insulate the joists instead when its dry under there and then look to try and stop the water...
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    Filling void underneath suspended floor (damp)

    I was initially thinking of just insulating between the joists, I'm hoping at some point we'll be extending in this room and it will turn into a kitchen diner (currently on use it as my office and gaming room) so once it's a kitchen it will need completely filling either way just to support all...
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    Filling void underneath suspended floor (damp)

    Hey Everyone, I'm currently looking at some resolutions to my suspended floor. Bit of a background, the house was built about 100 years ago, the hallway and kitchen a solid concrete floors, the living room however is a suspended floor with a void underneath with a slight gradient from from...
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    Grassing old path

    Hey guys, I’m just digging up an old yorkshire stone path that looked like it was originally used to get to a coal bin. Ideally we just want to fill it and grass over it. The channel is roughly 6-7 inch deep and soil is sticky and claylike. Through the rainy season we get a lot of marshy...
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    Standing water under floor boards

    Unfortunately it’s not really a viable option. The drop is about 2 foot, right under our living room furniture, straight outside on the ground level is a concrete pathway. We just wouldn’t have constant access to it and power would be very tricky to plan.
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    Standing water under floor boards

    Hi Guys, We have just had pest control out to remove some floor boards and treat and the area for wood worm. The floorboards are old and they were touching the brick so water was passing through to them. What we have now seen is that there is standing water after any rainfall in one corner of...
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    Mould in new extension

    Is it worth me attempting to trim the bottoms with a stanley? Unsure if thats possible when hung?
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    Mould in new extension

    I think the new floor is plywood with insulation underneath then from what I remember about a 2 foot gap underneath. This is the current gap I can see (attached). The gap isn’t consistent as you can see but the mould is on those with and without the gap.
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    Mould in new extension

    We have recently had an extension done, all signed off and the builders have done top job. We went away last week, and when we got back we’ve noticed some green mould. It was very hot last week and we left no ventilation. Most of the mould was on skirting in old part of the house we built off...
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    Bonding over DPM

    Hey guys, We're currently getting an extension but the room attached has had rising damp issues in the past. We've fixed the source but the walls still hold quite a bit of moisture. I've had a damp company put in rods and put on a meshed membrane. Unfortunately I needed to get it done at short...
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    Pointing before external wall insulation?

    Hi Guys, we’ve just had the top half of our 1920s house externally insulated and rendered (it was rendered before and the bottom half is brick). We’re considering possibly insulating and rendering the whole lot in maybe a year or 2. The problem is the bottom half pointing really needs doing its...
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    Shower extractor fan

    Hi everyone, We've recently noticed some condensation patches on the edge of our ceiling. We've had damp proof treatment and a membrane put on the wall, and we assume the condensation is coming due to the blown rendering outside which is due to be fixed when we have it removed external...
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    Rendering removal

    Hi Guys, I’m planning on getting external wall insulation (and having the current internal sucked out of our 1930s house as we’re sure it’s causing issues). We’ve had a quote we’re happy with but it doesn’t include removing the old pebble dash render, just making good/removing loose pieces...
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    Brick or concrete garage

    Hi Guys, We're currently looking to build a new garage we have a budget of 25k, and ideally want to build it so it's secure and usable all year round. I've added a few details of things we ideally want. After having our first quote through (38k) we're trying to decide wether we just purchase...
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    Unable to set C&K alarm

    Hi Guys, Recently our C&K alarm system has become unsresponsive. The backlight is on in the code panel and the buttons make a sound when you press them but the mains light is no longer on and nothing happens when we try set the alarm. I’ve opened the box and the alarm and original battery were...