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    Does a back boiler on multi fuel stove reduce energy of stov

    when its not in use a stove its not as bad as an open fire for the amount of heat lost up the chimney. (so long as the doors are shut) the damper i was referring to is the little vents at the bottom of the stove, these regulate the air flow to the fire. it takes a while to master where these...
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    Loft Hatch - painted what to do after the horse has bolted!

    id fix a little bit of battening to the back to give it a little more strength!
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    Son bought a car off ebay.

    their prices are less than glass prices (the auto trades bible). They also inspect the car completely so as to find any problems and reduce the price they want to give you even more. then the cheeky S*** will charge you an admin fee for the pleasure of robbing you!!
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    The legal view

    It is actually a lot more complicated than that!! and different for private and business customers. Most T&C's will contain a simple 'Retention of Title' clause in them, however if the goods have been used, eg sand and cement mixed to make concrete then the a simple retention clause will...
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    Does a back boiler on multi fuel stove reduce energy of stov

    Norcon is right the back boiler will take away some heat if it is connected to your central heating system, however it will be given out of the radiators so not wasted. however i think you are thinking this will be reason why its not kicking out the 11KW of heat it should be! If you are...
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    Toilet Installation Problem

    Some of the above posts are wrong!! The one with the flexi will not work!! Installed a bathstore toilet not that long ago... They are a right pig due to the position of the waste connector and even worse the mains inlet. You'll need the swan neck shown above and whats known as an 'offset...
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    Best board to line a ceiling in ia town house garage

    If your concerned about moisture from the double garage there's nothing stopping you having the second layer of board being moisture resistant. Personally i would have the top layer of plasterboard with foil backing to reflect as much heat as possible back into the upstairs. Also for the...
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    Brick fireplace

    The brick arch is what they used before lintels. Quickest way is to probably just brick it up with a few breeze blocks. Trying to fix a timber frame inside is possible but probably more time consuming considering the arch shape at the top to get a fixing for the board. Either way is...
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    Please help!!! Self drill Screw into plasterboard

    Not necessarily, a lot of new builds are timber framed these days.
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    Please help!!! Self drill Screw into plasterboard

    I presume you are referring to the things that look like pigs tails with a screw in them?? Ideally you want to be fixing through the plasterboard with longer fixings into the solid wall behind it. If this is not possible and there is room behind the board try using a hollow wall anchor.
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    Boost pressure sensor?

    Any idea what the actual fault code was?? I would recommend you take it to a garage that understands vauxhalls From the description it sounds like the second garage reading the faults and interpreting them wrong. My guess is that you are getting an overboost fault from the turbo causing...
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    Low pitch on new roof

    You are correct about the tiles taking longer to dry on a shallower pitched roof, however, the onduline undertile system when installed with eave ventilation actually allows airflow on the underside of the tiles as well to allow them to dry out faster.
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    Wood Glue - Sticking Planks together on woodwork bench frame

    have you tried that gorilla glue? sticks anything!
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    Fixing aluminium strip to wood

    all you need to do is countersink the screws into the strip!! just use a larger drill bit to do it, dead easy with alu strip
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    polycarbonate conservatory roof

    sounds like moisture is trapped in the cell structure if its forming inside of them. if they are sealled at both ends then it will keep happening. get them back!!
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    Leaking valley

    if you've got a valley thats leaking there is no other way than to lift the tiles and replace!!
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    Low pitch on new roof

    theres a pdf for it bellow this item we was considering using it under a shallow pitched tiled roof but went for bituminous shingles in the end
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    Low pitch on new roof

    you can use an undertile system like the one from onduline which allows tiled roofs to be even shallower than normal ill have a look for it
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    Felt shingles / drip edge / playhouse / shed roof

    Hi all, we are looking at roofing a building but is it essential for a drip strip when using the tile strips? we were looking at some called bardoline from which look good but there is fitting...