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    Under Floor Insulation Project - Completed

    Looks like a good job done to me. No doubt the room will be much warmer (y) Are you continuing through the rest of the house?
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    HDMI Touchscreen over CAT6

    That StarTech Extender looks perfect! I couldn't find anything with a USB Hub before, obviously I was searching for the wrong thing! Many thanks.
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    HDMI Touchscreen over CAT6

    I'm currently on a little project and need to have a touch screen monitor linked to a laptop around 20m(ish) away. No problem with the display going through CAT6 to HDMI at the other end, however, for the touch screen function to work it requires the USB too. My current extenders don't support...
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    How many rafter sections can be removed for a Velux

    Yes, I'd agree with Dereekoo - most likely need a structural engineer to look into doing some calculations for you as (in my area at least, others may also confirm) adding a new Velux would need building regs - so building control would want to see the calcs.
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    New downstairs cloakroom

    Yes, in that case, you will need building regs and most probably calculations from a structural engineer. Nice little project for you - the fun bit will be the foul waste.
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    New downstairs cloakroom

    Having the bathroom above and current utility room located to the left is in all probability helpful for the services. Anything is possible, but depends on how much work needs to be put into it. Your main issue here is access to the proposed new toilet room. Is the wall that will have the new...
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    My house extension diary

    Looks great, I bet the kids love the sunken trampoline. Did you have to put a pump sump system in under the trampoline or was the natural drainage adequate to stop it filling with water?
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    Glow Worm Flexicom 30 CX with Climapro2 conversion to Hive

    I did not have the SystemPro to start with, mine was a different model.
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    Metal lathe in ceiling

    Unfortunately, it was a dusty job! The mesh had been nailed to the stud timbers so it was a case of making a hole and pulling off as much as I could. Then went round after and removed the nails. Someone may come along with an easier method!
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    Metal lathe in ceiling

    I don't know if this helps you at all, but I have removed several internal arch ways that have been plastered this way. The plasterer had used the mesh to bond the plaster to. Presumably as the mesh was moldable to the shape they required. I may also be wrong, but that may be some kind of fire...
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    Quartz Sink Not Flat (Level)

    I'm in the process of a new kitchen install and coming to the end - thank god! My last task is the sink, of which I opted for the Bristan Gallery Quartz 1.5 bowl sink. Now, the issue that I have got, is that it does not sit flat against the worktop - as the sink itself is not level. It is...
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    How do DIY Kitchens compare to Howdens Kitchens?

    I went for the Luca Gloss White (handleless J Pull) with Black Glitter quartz which was ordered via diykitchens but is subbed out to Natural Stone Surfaces.
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    How do DIY Kitchens compare to Howdens Kitchens?

    I'm in the same boat, only a few damaged items that I reported online straight away via their "support ticket" system. The items were replaced without any fuss and were delivered promptly. Overall I have been impressed with DIY Kitchens so far.
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    Floor tile adhesive removal?

    If it were me, I'd use a bolster chisel and be careful not to catch the tile edge.
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    Scantronic 9448+ Sensors

    Those Pyronix you mention look nice after a quick google of them - believe me, anything will be better than the current ones! Although no smokers in our house, think nicotine stained colour in appearance!
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    Scantronic 9448+ Sensors

    Obselete then! :(
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    Scantronic 9448+ Sensors

    Thanks for your response. This is the current sensor - in the photo. I do not have any pets (exept the gold fish!) so not too worried about pet friendly sensors!
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    Scantronic 9448+ Sensors

    Hi guys, I have a Scantronic 9448+ and want to replace the sensors - not because there are any faults, but because the what was once white plastic shells of the current ones have deteriorated over time and the plastic has turned yellow. They now stick out like a sore thumb against my white...
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    Kitchen Base Units - Offset?

    I'm replacing my kitchen which is U shaped with base units all round except where the integrated dishwasher will be. The current layout at the end of the U is Corner unit, dishwasher, sink unit, 200mm open unit, then the other corner unit. What I am replacing with is exactly the same with...
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    removing tile adhesive before laminate flooring...issues

    I'm literally doing the same myself. I purchased a cheap SDS rotary hammer drill and a specific tile lifting chisel from a well known retailer. With a bit of perseverance it removes the old adhesive very well. Be prepared for a lot of dust! I butchered an old flexi tub by cutting an opening on...