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    Deeper guttering recommendations

    right so 1st. apologies if I offended with my question ( was genuine ) 2 nd no need for the insult of be drunk and last of all some input for you . Have you got joins at neighbours ( you need to order them , if not then you need stop ends for gutter ) floplast is good , can I ask when you say...
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    Deeper guttering recommendations

    Hit a nerve ?
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    Deeper guttering recommendations

    Did you properly advise the customer that in your professional opinion you believed it’s debris in the gutter or pipe causing the problem ? Or was that less money than you changing all their guttering? Just asking
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    Inside of garage roof wet

    Needs to be painted from above. On outside not inside
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    Leaking chimney stack

    something don’t look right , I could be wrong but is water still going to get in from the sides where the little cuts at each tile are ?
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    Water ingress, possible penetrating damp?

    Hi there. In your roof photo Is it me or is there a small triangular hole on the third tile up gable from gutter , if so ,that probably would cause ,from water coming in , the wet damp mouldy looking patch at the foot of the rafter in photo 0599 where it meets the hardboard membrane , which...
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    Water running down fascia

    It’s just to me it looks like that the ‘wrap is lead or metal of some kind , maybe to stop the heat from vent from boiler melting the gutter . One of two things . Either the weight of wrap has pulled gutter away( If lead ) or the heat of boiler vent and weight combined has warped the...
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    Water running down fascia

    Is that wrap on the gutter metal ?
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    Wet patch under new soffit

    Could be broken tile or possibly the lead flashing along the bottom edge of tiles on dorma has a hole or split in it. So when water flows out of gutter it then goes down the lead , it’s going to go exactly where patch is. definitly tile or Lead . I’m leaning more to the lead work damaged
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    Water dripping from soffit or fascia

    Blocked pipe for sure and probably broken tile up there somewhere
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    Supporting bay window roof

    Hi. Gallows brackets not needed as by look of rooftiles it hasn’t moved at all since roof put on . Tell your window fitter to stop being a tool and get the acros out
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    Leak in bedroom ceiling/wall

    Does roof have vents in the fascia/ soffit area and is your lagging in the loft pushed to far forward into soffit area hence making it sweat enough to run inside ? Like datarebel has said check for wetness
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    Gutter over-splashing at one area of cross-gabled roof

    Hi. The lower gutter needs eaves trays above fascia but under felt membrane under the tiles . As for the gushing from pipe at top maybe bring that pipe down to run into lower gutter with bends so it can run to main pipe and away . Also maybe try a 90 o bend on the bottom of top pipe , angle...
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    Route main downspout into another?

    Also it may not be unblocking with rods as it looks like bay pipe has more 112 degree bends under the soil so it’s not straight and won’t rod with straight poker
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    Route main downspout into another?

    Hi there. Take away bay pipe. Replace with upvc to make connections better fit . Then dig out old pipe and copy position into road with new pipe . Then when pipe is replaced under floor then you can get a 112 degree ‘y branch ‘ for small pipe and a 112degree pipe bend for big pipe . Cut at...
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    What do you think of this roofing job?

    Call them back to do what they agreed with you . But I get the feeling you won’t see them again
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    Help identifying roof covering

    Possibly asbestos but others here will say for sure
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    Removing Plastic Side Panel to insulate

    Hi I generally find that trying to remove the fascia nails will damage board anyway , so just measure the board and buy a new one. To remove nails get two hammers , put the claws of one hooked flush on cap then hit the head with the other hammer , this pushes claws around nailhead and you can...
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    Choosing hollow or solid soffits

    Your contractor is spot on . They do the same thing It’s all down your visual preference
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    Exposed purlin end under overhanging eaves - rot?

    Also the rot was caused by faulty lead work around his chimneys and water was getting through and soaking in