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    Replacing Beko Dishwasher Hose. How the heck... ?

    Can anyone please help a damsel in distress (not to mention bad temper!). By "help" I pretty much mean please can you explain in idiot terms, in words of two syllables or less and with diagrams. I have a Beko DSFN 1530B dishwasher which has a leaking drain hose. Thinking I was clever I ordered...
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    Power shower not heating - possible causes please?

    Ah ha! Thank you very much. Luckily the bill goes to my Landlord but it helps to know which tradesman to call out and what the likely cause is - I'm a little concerned about being ripped of owing to my ignorance of plumbing. Again, thank you.
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    Power shower not heating - possible causes please?

    I have a Triton AS2000x power shower which has suddenly decided only to supply warm water. The hot supply to all the taps in the house is fine however. A Google search suggests that this kind of fault is often due to a faulty heating element BUT a search of the make and model of shower...