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    New Internal Door - Resistance When Closing

    the screw heads are countersunk into the hinges....if they were protruding, you'd know purely by running your finger over the hinge. which case, it's possible you may have recessed the hinge leaves too deeply and the door is which case you'd have to 'pack out' the hinge...
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    New Internal Door - Resistance When Closing

    Yes. It's called 'springing', most likely caused by protruding screw heads....or excessive paint build up. If they are the correct screws for the corresponding hinges as you say, is it possible that you didn't screw them in squarely, thus leaving one edge of the screw head sticking out here &...
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    sashes out - d/glazed units in - keeping victorian frame

    I haven't got a clue about plastic windows I'm afraid. Sorry..... :(
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    sashes out - d/glazed units in - keeping victorian frame

    If these new sashes are heavier than your existing sashes, then you may well need to add some lead to the weights, or if considerably heavier then new weights. Weigh the sash panes on bathroom scales. You'll need two weights per sash at half the bathroom scale recorded weight each, plus 1 or...
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    Fixing bath panel to frame

    Secret panel fixings like those from Woodfit that Bilious posted a link to can work....though they can be a pain to fit and then you still need to be able to 'lever' the bath panel off/out without damaging it. It would help if we knew what colour / material the bath panel is made of ? I...
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    beetle ?/! with pic

    Very difficult to tell..... It looks vaguely like a long horned wood boring beetle....but doesn't appear to be anywhere near wood :lol: Perhaps you should study floorboards or furniture nearby and check for any woodworm flight holes. Ring the one's that are present and keep an eye out...
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    question for the kitchen fitters

    So....we're all in agreement then Deluks.....
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    question for the kitchen fitters

    I'm also a joiner who's fitted a few kitchens, but not a kitchen fitter.... I've had to do the same before, and had to notch out carcass rails before to accept a sink... I'll do this, if I'm sure it won't comprimise the strength of the carcass too much. I think your boss is talking...
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    Help hanging doors

    You're right noseall, there are quite a few reasons as to why it could be hinge bound, but looking at OP's query, he says it's been a recurring problem......and is confused about how the recesses should be..... Most (not all) of people's problems when they first start hanging doors, are...
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    Help hanging doors

    Although you can put a leading edge of the hinge side, this generally only applies to the closing edge / lock side of the door. I wouldn't worry about that at this stage. If your door is binding on the hinge side, make sure none of your screw heads are sitting proud / wonky, this can...
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    Fitted wardrobe - Floating Floor

    I would fit the floor to wall for the reasons that Wood You like says, but doing it either way is fine, as whether you continue it or not, the wardrobe fitter will be making a dead level plinth to build on top of, regardless if it's on the sub floor or your engineered flooring.[/i]
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    Joint Jenie alternatives?

    I have one, am a joiner by trade, and yes it is an excellent, well engineered tool. I've used other dowel jigs in the past, but none compare for accuracy, simplicity and speed. I thought I was the only one that had one..... :( There are plenty of cheaper alternatives but none...
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    Drill guide.

    Hi John, You could try a drill guide like this : But in my experience they're not much cop really, there is generally still a little 'play' in the construction of something at that price.....and it would be a pain trying...
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    Softwood window repair advice please

    You have a limited amount of options. I'm afraid they are 'bodges', but short of changing the window, what else can you do ? 1/ Either lip the edges as discussed. Although technically 'a bodge', you will get away with it. 2/ Beading on the inside of the window frame to cover the gap...
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    Softwood window repair advice please

    Hi Pete, You'll have to measure the width & depth of your current recess & see if it matches the recess required for some new seals. You may not be able to replace them exactly like for like...... Reddiseals show the dimensions of the recesses required for their seals on their site...
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    Softwood window repair advice please

    Hi Pete, 1.) Yes, you could add a lipping to the top of the window, bit it should ideally be with the grain. It should be O.K., but generally isn't considered good carpentry practice, where the end of your lipping covers the ends of the stiles of the window, where the grain meets it at 90...
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    Looking for top-notch carpenter nr Ealing, W13

    I think the work speaks for notch. There's a name and contact number on the contact page.... What else do you need ? :roll: :wink:
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    Softwood vs Hardwood in replacement sash windows

    Plenty of softwood sash windows survive for 150 years + if looked after e.g. the paintwork is kept pristine. Hardwood windows are no doubt more durable. If you feel you may not always be able to keep the paintwork in tip top condition (if it's a holiday home for example and you're not there...
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    Treatment for doors and shelves

    Could it be Camellia / Camelia oil ???? It's a plant oil, very thin consistency, does not leave a tint or colour and has no aroma..... I use it to to protect my hand tools, but it has many other uses. I could be way off.....but try googling it.
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    Metal Sash Window Balances