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    tv aerials

    thanks for that but according to my post code ng14 6jt i live in a problem area
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    tv aerials

    Hello all. MY region Calverton in Nottingham is a bad area for tv's. There are 2 transmitters that I can receive from. One i cannot get channel 5 the oyther I can but not all the other channels. OK this is what ive done but somehow I think its wrong. I can show photos which is no...
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    Tv aerial prob

    I live in an area where my TV signal is very poor. Channel 5 is unobtainable.This week I replaced the aerial with a 91 element Digital high gain aerial from maplins. On my mast I have a antiferance masthead amp fed from an Antiferance P1200 power supply. I now get more preview channels and...