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    Car Doors

    There is only 1 reason why car manufacturers make panels in this way and that's to do with's cheaper. There will always be some stretching of the's the nature of the beast. However you contradict yourself with your second line. a 2 stage draw tool or to give it it's...
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    my local carpet supplier lets you pay in 2 ways: 1 = pay for the carpet and fitting up front or 2 = pay for the carpet then pay the fitters immediately on completion of the job
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    Car Doors

    2 reasons 1 = the steel used now is much thinner than what we used in the 80's/early 90's. the french are particularly fond of making bodywork out of really thin gauge mild steel. 2 = the way panels are pressed has changed. basically, the steel is now stretched into a shape as opposed to being...
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    RUNDLL error on start up

    we'll do it the long way then :P 1 = click START 2 = click RUN 3 = type in the box msconfig this throws up a box called System Configuration Utility. this lets you, amongst other things, control what programs start when Windows starts. click the Startup tab. here are all the programs...
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    RUNDLL error on start up

    you need to stop it from starting with windows. AVG has deleted the virus - ezatevigulus.dll - but doesn't tell Windows to stop trying to run it. What OS are you running?
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    because the truck is blocking the road couldn't you hear the commentary?
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    Expensive speaker

    You do know he is a conservative MP? Labour did but it made them unelectable so they adopted some tory principles and then became electable. well that, and the fact everyone was fed up of the tories :)
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    Why is gold so expensive

    you know commodities - gold, oil, diamonds etc. if you have a commodity that never degrades and is always in demand then it will always retain its value.
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    Why is gold so expensive

    It's the perfect commodity that's why and it's commodities that make the western world tick.
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    Pourous paving for the front garden...

    no it's oil based however, years ago British boffins invented porous asphalt but the bean counters in whitehall deemed it to expensive to use hence we have standing water and ze germans don't (where i have been anyway).
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    Wierd convert x to dvd problem

    this happened to me years ago when i first had XP. the only work around i found was what you've found so just another directory.
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    when it restarted it should have asked you if you wanted to continue or press any key to not let it run. did it?
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    ok do this: click START, then click RUN, a box will now appear so type in CMD and click ok. the original box will close and another bigger one will open with white text on a black background. now type in CHKDSK and press RETURN and it will check your disk. after it has finished it will tell you...
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    A level Student Design work, please read

    this could be number 1 for you: don't buy a car without the handbook that comes with it as this will tell you all you need to know about how/when to carry out basic maintenance :wink:
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    your print heads need cleaning. open a document and select print. this should then open a box with some tabs at the top and one of them will say maintenance. click this then select nozzle check. print off the test sheet and see how the test lines look, there should be no broken lines. if there...
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    this cant be right

    hell hath no fury like a woman scorned :wink:
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    winning 45 million quid...

    they'll have to fight off the charities first
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    it depends on the size of your harddrive and how much info is on it. did it start up ok? if it did you can still run chkdsk within widows to be on the safe side. which windows are you running?
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    Small screws, where can I buy them?

    Tried Screwfix?
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    sounds like there is a bad sector on your harddrive. you must let chkdsk (check disk) go through the motions as it will then know where the bad sector is and then not write to that part again.