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  1. oharaf

    GET Grid switch dimmer module for LED's

    hi Rocky, there's no info on the drivers, these are dimmable LED's @240v. Total load on each dimmer will be 24w in total. Before I realised the supplied dimmers were not suitable I had already connected them, they partially dimmed the lamps but would not turn off!!!
  2. oharaf

    GET Grid switch dimmer module for LED's

    Having now waited for a couple of weeks for my wholesaler to supply all the grid switches I needed engraving AND supplied them with my requirements I discovered at 3pm this afternoon as the last of the light was fadeing away that the GET dimmer modules they had supplied are not actually...
  3. oharaf

    napit desktop - problem logging in

    TBF they have great customer / member support. Don't use their desk top myself, but have been tempted. Do you really rate it Kev?
  4. oharaf

    AC control via fire alarm

    Perhaps i've not explained it very well. The old AC Panel is fed from the main board and here it interrconnects with the fire alarm relay. The aircon unit on the roof is fed from the main board as are the condensate pumps. The old system had connections from the AC Panel to the units in...
  5. oharaf

    AC control via fire alarm

    Cheers, Yes ALARM I know what you're saying, this thing is from the dark ages!!! Don't know whos certing it we're just the sparks shop fitting, we do loads of this every year, but we have never come across this before!!
  6. oharaf

    AC control via fire alarm

    Right before I explain, I don't need to hear, "You should not be doing this work" etc..... Okay, Menevier fire alarm system in a store. Upstairs main board with AC Control Panel next to it. New AC unit installed to roof. There is a relay next to the AC unit on the Fire Alarm system...
  7. oharaf

    Commercial Fire Alarm systems

    Spartikus, you're absolutely right and I will be looking tomorrow.:-) Cheers everyone else, the addressable systems I have come across, thanks for your help chaps.
  8. oharaf

    Commercial Fire Alarm systems

    Hi Chaps Does anyone have or could provide a basic diagram for a commercial fire alarm system. What i'm trying to do is get a bit of knowledge on is how the whole thing cabled up and connected together. Don't panic I'm not going to be doing it, just I sometimes do some shop fitting with...
  9. oharaf

    Cable routing around door frame

    Personally i think the Electrician is on dodgy ground, especially if he has not made notes on the certificate regarding the reused cables and their unknown routes. You thought that the original circuits and/or works were dubious so you went for the full re-wire. That is what should have...
  10. oharaf

    Confessions of a DNO engineer!

    It's been crazy around the midlands as well. 3 blokes put away for stripping track cable in worksop this week, power cut in nottingham when 4 fellas attempted to rip out a substaion cable, apparently one of them has serious burns, that'll learn him NOT!!! Mate mate who is a plumber had 3...
  11. oharaf

    Vedhas Limited

    Hmmm Interesting, they are registered with NICEIC with FULL SCOPE as Domestic Installers, yet their website covers commercial and Industrial as well.!!! I get serious concerns when as business attempts to cover ALL aspects of everything!!!
  12. oharaf

    Who would you join and why?

    I looked at all the bodies, just as mentioned before you'll get good and bad in any of them. I joined NAPIT 3 years ago and cannot fault them. The support from NAPIT is excellent, they discount alot of gear such as testers etc. They have not increased their fees for 3 years and allow you...
  13. oharaf

    Periodic Inspection Lotto Booths

    No they're not PAT territory, fixed wiring from meter to Kiosk via over head supply. Fixed to Mall floor. Have gone for Commercial a waiting confirmation from NAPIT. They contain very little, 1 ring final, 2 lighting circuits and radial socket circuit. About 2 hours work, easy £250
  14. oharaf

    Periodic Inspection Lotto Booths

    Been asked to carryout PIR on 2 of these (more to come) they are the round things that stand in the middle of shopping malls. They are made mainly from MDF and look 'temporary' anyone any idea how these would be classified? Temporary structures or commercial premises? Will have to put a time...
  15. oharaf

    Buying a new house - scared of rewire - please advise

    Must say from your description, and with out a Periodic Inspection is hard to say. However there are tell tale signs there. Bite the bullet get in done by someone here then you're good to go for 30 years
  16. oharaf

    Very sad.

    Very true electronicsuk. They seem fairly certain that there is some elctrical cause however, two horses dead, one other seen to fall. Horses require far less current to kill them it appears, all the same very sad and if the DNO are at fault then I hope they are made to pay dearly, perhaps...
  17. oharaf

    Very sad.

    Yes was watching as it happened, frightening to see and very sad that two animals have been killed. They eventually shut the race course for the day. Apparently when they removed the bridal on one horse it had burn marks in its mouth. The stable Boys had been saying they had been...
  18. oharaf

    Hard wiring a built in oven

    From your information the oven will draw 10.4 Amps. Does it have a plug top on it? The present circuit is fused down at 13A, thou I am not particularly keen on the idea of a switched fused connection unit behind the cooker this would be suitable for connecting to, assuming the circuit is...
  19. oharaf

    Extractor Louvres

    Anyone know who a louvre that can be installed from inside? i.e. shove it through the 4" hole to the outside and then secure it internally?
  20. oharaf


    a lot of the colleges are running 'mature' classes as well, so you may well pick up someone with 'worklife' experience who can breath independantly. Many just want a couple of days here and there or are very flexible, could prove useful in current climate. Schools failed many because of...