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    Wireless network solution

    Picture below. Wondering if anybody here can help with this. At the moment I have a newish sky router on an old copper line. It is in an unfortunate position on the hallway windowsill in the front corner of the house, where the master socket is. Reception is poor in both large bedrooms and the...
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    Wages overpayment

    Okay a meeting has been arranged for this Thursday with HR. My team leader will be there too. My points in mitigation and lines of enquiry are: I was never officially provided with a list of salaries for year 1-4. My actual annual salary isn't printed on the pay slip. I was never told if the...
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    Wages overpayment

    But I was due Pay rise anyway, I just didn't know how much...
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    Wages overpayment

    My manager sat me down today. He's had an email from HR regarding my pay. Between September 2020 and August 2021 I was overpaid £620. They're now after claiming this back from me, and my manager is arranging a face to face meeting with HR for me. I'm an apprentice. The time period above...
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    Insulating external walls

    Won't the existing foam insulation have sealed off any air flow in the cavity. I'm not sure of the cavity depth but fairly sure it isn't the full 100mm currently required. I did poke a hole through recently for a cable and I reckon it was 60mm tops.
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    Insulating external walls

    My house is 50s built with cavity walls. It has cwi already, it's the soft brittle foam stuff that turns to powder when you touch it (there were two massive bergs of the stuff in the loft when we bought the house). Anyway, I recently did a job for somebody local in a similar house and they'd...
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    Tv Bracket On Plasterboard

    A few options. Either use a bracket with a large footprint on the wall so the bracket covers at least one stud. Or use plasterboard anchors that need a setting tool - these are the most secure fixing for plasterboard. Or long screws into the brick behind. Insert a drill bit to find out how...
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    Setting up properly as sole trader

    Yes I usually work alone. I have helped an electrician on a job before and billed my time as an insured handyman to the customer separately. For the moment I'm just paying my helpers out of my own money. This has tax implications for me so it's a learning I'm taking forward for definite! And...
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    Setting up properly as sole trader

    Had it from day one. Cheers.
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    Setting up properly as sole trader

    I've been doing handyman jobs for a few years now. Little bits here and there alongside a full time job, then later an apprenticeship. I've managed to stay under any tax threshold, only doing odd little £20-50 jobs. I have liability insurance, but no other aspects of business setup. I recently...
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    Bath tap replacement

    I'm replacing Bath taps for a friend. Should be a straight swap as the new tap is pretty much identical to the old one. But what tools will I need? I don't mind buying basic plumbing tools. The taps are against a wall, side access from the bath panel only. I'm guessing I'll need some kind of box...
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    Solar integrated roof

    Our house needs a new roof. Currently rosemary tiles. But would like large format grey tiles (name?) two other houses in our street have done this. Would like to integrate solar panels into the south facing side of the roof. Next door has the entire roof covered but theirs are on rails, in the...
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    Shed base

    I'm building it myself. The concrete floor is the finished floor surface. No wooden bearers.
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    Shed base

    Thanks for your assistance on this. The only reason I got ply from B&q was because they'll cut it precisely so I can use it for shuttering. £42 a sheet certainly made me wince
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    Shed base

    Hi guys. I'm building a shed measuring 13ft x 8ft (I know 12ft would be better for timber sizes but I am building as big as I can in the space the missus has allocated). Today I've dug down 150mm ish to the depth I want my concrete. See pictures. The corner of the shed will be in front of the...
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    Toilet issue

    My toilet, at the ripe young age of 6 years old, has started letting water through the cistern. It only happens on some flushes. Doesn't matter if its a half flush or full flush. It's an ideal standard toilet. I've attached pictures of it's innards. So here are the two flush modes. 1. Push the...
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    Quote for work needed for EV charger

    You are gonna need 4 or 5 rcbos, crabtree are around £25 or 30 each. So thats up to £150 in parts there straight away.
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    Smoke alarm wiring

    If those alarms are interlinked, you will have 3 cores and earth at each. You can put any smokes up. I recommend fireangel, they look sleek and modern. By the way, definitely replace them. Smokes arent guarranteed to last longer than ten years.
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    Ring doorbell Friedland chime wiring

    Can you connect two ring doorbells to one chime? I would check the instructions for that. As for the wiring, its anyones guess. You appear to have three sets of bellwire leaving that chime. Do you have three buttons? An additional chime? I'm taking the red and black to be your permanent feed in.
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    Smart meter In Home Display IHD

    I had a SMETS2 meter fitted by Bulb. I switched to PFP (mistake) and the IHD stopped working - it would continuously reboot itself. PFP, being a very small supplier, initially put me forward for an engineer visit to get things working. I don't think they ever even knew I had a smart meter - they...