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  1. Madrab

    How is an undermount sink fitted to a quartz worktop?

    Relatively, just use a nice new sharp glass bit, on slow with water or oil, alternatively use a diamond tipped corer again with water. Just take your time and mark the depth carefully.
  2. Madrab

    Recommend me a copper pipe deburrer

    They will all be the same I'm sure, hardened steel blades, the Rothy ones were just the ones I saw a pic of first and it's the one I have. I never find I need to use it when I use a pipe slice, only when the cut is sawn or similar.
  3. Madrab

    Recommend me a copper pipe deburrer

    No real need to clean up that face. A deburring tool is more for the outside edges or the rough cuts that you would get with a hacksaw and that's to save yourself and any seals etc that the sharp edges may damage. A turned in end is a relatively safe end to be left on a pipe. If you really wan...
  4. Madrab

    What is this please? (Ed. Soil pipe vent?)

    Automatic air vent for the stack by the looks of it - it will probably push down (and the black pipe it's attached to) as the pipe isn't tightly gripped by the push fit boss in the stack. It may be able to be removed, cleaned and refitted but if there isn't any issues then best to leave alone.
  5. Madrab

    Bombproof bath waste

    Yep - the old ways are sometimes the best - as close to bomb proof as you can get If you can find one with a brass waste body and overflow grate then even better though they tend to be pricey but they'll last
  6. Madrab

    15MM central heating pipes

    As it's sometimes referred to - the main backbone of the CH - the main feed and return should ideally be in 22mm and then the branches off to the rads are made in 15mm.
  7. Madrab

    Clicking stack

    The banding has some foam around it too (opened up pipe insulation) but it was clicking before I added the banding and I added it to see if the extra support would stop the clicking, unfortunately it hasn't helped.
  8. Madrab

    Waste pipe behind kitchen

    As long as there is nothing to impede or impact on the run behind the units then no problem with that. Most kitchen units have a service void for exactly that requirement.
  9. Madrab

    Clicking stack

    It's not unfortunately, I even used 2 foam covered wooden batons to square the stack in the void to keep it centralised but alas.
  10. Madrab

    15MM central heating pipes

    Normally I wouldn't disagree but I have to here - Given experience and seeing a significant number of installers and DIY'ers in my time, keeping a system backbone of 15mm over 3 floors on anything more than 3 or 4 normal sized convecting rads would be a recipe for a really unpredictable system...
  11. Madrab

    15MM central heating pipes

    You can use standard BTU calculators for column rads but don't expect the room to heat up the same way and as quickly as they did when convecting rads were used - if they were there previously To explain - there are some basic assumptions when it comes to how radiators heat a given space - one...
  12. Madrab

    Conflicting Opinions - a Low Loss Header or not?

    Unfortunately the last time Chris was here was 2011 so highly unlikely you'll get a reply. Best to start a new thread - forums rules are such that old posts shouldn't be resurrected, as it can get highly confusing.
  13. Madrab

    Can I use CH cold water pipe to feed a washing machine?

    Yup, +1 the pipe you are indicating as cold water in pic 2 looks like it is the HW outlet, the cold supply looks to be the one you can just see the elbow of, top left, in the under counter space.
  14. Madrab

    Clicking stack

    Here's a head scratcher - Clicking soil stack. New bathroom, corner stack and the capping of one waste pipe and re-purposing another - all of a sudden the soil stack now starts to click when hot water flows into it. I am aware it's expansion with the HW hitting the stack but no matter what I...
  15. Madrab

    15MM central heating pipes

    Can I suggest that you look very carefully at what radiators you will be installing and how they were sized? Are the rooms relatively small? I can just about guarantee that column rads are not a direct replacement for standard type 11/21/22 radiators if comparing outputs, when it comes to...
  16. Madrab

    Could someone help me understand my hot water issue?

    If it's only in 9 months then you need to get the installer back in - I presume the work is guaranteed? It could be a 2 port valve issue.
  17. Madrab

    Do I need a larger mains feed?

    Only if the current supply doesn't have the flow required to satisfy what the new system will require. As suggested, a dynamic flow and pressure test required to see what's currently available, couple that with what services will be installed and what their demand will be. and your installer...
  18. Madrab

    Sink waste pipe too low

    It's probably too much work if you expect it all to be done without any extra cost. If you're happy to pay for it, the tiles can be replaced then it may be fiddly but not impossible. If it's exposed, the hard part would probably be to get it seamlessly finished.
  19. Madrab

    Capped 15mm gas pipe stub, in a strange location

    How old is the house, meter was possibly there originally?
  20. Madrab

    Combi kicking in when cold tap turned off and washing machine turned on

    It can also be a pull on the hot/cold water pipework by the sudden opening/closing of a new 1/4 turn tap sending a pulse down the pipework that tricks the flow switch in the boiler into thinking there's a demand and then the pump/fan kicks in but the boiler itself doesn't actually fire up...