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    Pieris is dying

    If it's a decent size specimen plant they can drop leaves the winter after transplanting. I had the same problem after moving one. Keep it watered.
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    Fixing shiplap cladding to shed

    Never heard of that but certainly not the case with ring shanks?? That's the whole reason they are ringed?
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    Patio 1-pt polymeric grout - WPoint vs Rompox

    The rompox easy I used 4/5 years ago was crap. Never set hard at all and went green within weeks. Whilst these are both a feature of 1 part polymerics it was excessive with the rompox. They may have changed the formula by now? Weather point is not available where I so I can't comment...
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    Easiest way to dig fence pole holes?

    An auger is useless for roots or large stones. A draining spade and a heavy bar or fencers graft are the best tools. A post hole digger is useful for scooping out the loose stuff at the bottom but is not in itself really a digging tool. I just go feral and scoop it out with my hands.
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    Replacing rusted lintel and expanded joints.

    Cheers, it's a cavity wall with ties obviously so I'm happy it's not going to peel away from the inner leaf but not sure anyone has tried it. As usual the moral of the story is probably just do it right you lazy bugger.
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    Replacing rusted lintel and expanded joints.

    I would be taking out 7/8 courses and rebuild NG to hide the big joint purely for visual reasons so it doesn't look suspicious. Replacing the lintel and repointing is enough to make it structurally sound but it will always be obvious to future buyers etc and put the fear in them about subsidence...
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    Replacing rusted lintel and expanded joints.

    I have a lintel as per the picture. It has expanded with rust and forced up the Gable above it. I am replacing it with a new galvanised angle type under the outer leaf only. I should remove 7/8 courses and rebuild to realign joints but I don't have time and was wondering if it was a crazy idea...
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    Fuel for a chainsaw (or any two-stroke for that matter)

    My local chainsaw man is 75 and a proper old school type who can identify a saw from the smell. He has an infamous clear bottle on the counter containing fuel and all the crap he strained from 2 5l Jerry cans. You wouldn't believe the colour, water and sediment in it. Not all cans are like...
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    Is 200mm loft insulation + boarding equivalent to 270mm just loft insulation?

    I Simply used 100mm kingspan board and floated chipboard over it. No thermal bridging and plenty strong enough for storage.
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    Fuel for a chainsaw (or any two-stroke for that matter)

    In my opinion two strokes don't matter but as with all machinery always strain your fuel and use fuel fit or similar. The stihl 4mix machines however you should use the good stihl ultra oil as the very low Ash content keeps valves clean etc where poorer oils leaves residues. That's the theory...
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    Tool for breaking up Concrete

    Noseall is bang on, medium sds breakers are for light/medium jobs like taking down walls, 100mm internal floors etc and people think they can be used to break up a 50sq m concrete drive. Hire a hydraulic one or buy a 14lb sledge. I also highly doubt your path is 8" thick throughout unless it's...
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    Creating thick posts from smaller timber

    No not at all. Infact if you glue them well it will be laminated and therefore stronger and more stable than a single piece.
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    How to cut the top of a hedge?

    Unfortunately most hedges 12ft tall are a little wider than the foot and a half that will cut.
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    Sealing car-port roof sheets to a brick wall

    Use a flashing. Can be lead or if that's too dear flashband works ok but is a bit naff. Any method other than a flashing is just a bodge.
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    Smaller window in same opening? Ideas please.

    No just a local house. It's actually quite nice in the flesh. I would be covering half of the Gable (which fronts onto the road and contains the window in question) with timber cladding to cover some awful 70s stone cladding.
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    Smaller window in same opening? Ideas please.

    Something like this. I guess it's just a timber frame panel but not sure so was hoping someone had done something similar?
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    Smaller window in same opening? Ideas please.

    Haha you're probably right. I'll put up a photo later and you can try and help me work out how to detail something similar.
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    Smaller window in same opening? Ideas please.

    Thanks I would rather some sort of timber cladding between but I want to keep the cill the same and unsure how to detail the cladding and looking some examples. Cheers for reply.
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    Smaller window in same opening? Ideas please.

    We have switched the layout of our bungalow so that what was a dining room is now a bathroom. The bathroom is at the front of the house and visible to the road (there is some shrubs partially obscuring it) Obviously it's a huge window with a low cill as you would find in a dining room but this...
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    Bungalow freezing! Insulation advice please

    Bungalows have enormous floor and roof area compared to a 2 story building so insulating the loft and roof is essential. If done in the 80s there may be little to no insulation in the dormers and between rafters. Without really refurbishing these areas and insulating you will never have a good...